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Abbass, Jad and Nebel, Jean-Christophe (2015) Customised fragments libraries for protein structure prediction based on structural class annotations. BMC Bioinformatics, 16(136), ISSN (online) 1471-2105

Abdelkader, Hamdy, Swinden, Julian, Pierscionek, Barbara K and Alany, Raid G (2015) Analytical and physicochemical characterisation of the senile cataract drug dipeptide [Beta]-alanyl-L-histidine (carnosine). Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 114, pp. 241-246. ISSN (print) 0731-7085

Al-Kinani, Ali Athab, Naughton, Declan P., Calabrese, Gianpiero, Vangala, Anil, Smith, James R., Pierscionek, Barbara K. and Alany, Raid G. (2015) Analysis of 2-oxothiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid by hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography: application for ocular delivery using chitosan nanoparticles. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 407(9), pp. 2645-2650. ISSN (print) 1618-2642

Ashrafi, Gholam Hossein and Perumal, Dhaya (2015) Human papillomavirus and cancer : immunological consequences of MHC Class I down-regulation. International Biological and Biomedical Journal, 1(1), pp. 1-7. ISSN (online) 2423-4478


Bear, Joseph C., Gomez, Virginia, Kefallinos, Nikolaos S., McGettrick, James D., Barron, Andrew R. and Dunnill, Charles W. (2015) Anatase/rutile bi-phasic titanium dioxide nanoparticles for photocatalytic applications enhanced by nitrogen doping and platinum nano-islands. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 460, pp. 29-35. ISSN (print) 0021-9797

Bear, Joseph C., Hollingsworth, Nathan, Roffey, Anna, McNaughter, Paul D., Mayes, Andrew G., Macdonald, Thomas J., Nann, Thomas, Ng, Wing H., Kenyon, Anthony J., Hogarth, Graeme and Parkin, Ivan P. (2015) Doping group IIB metal ions into quantum dot shells via the one-pot decomposition of metal-dithiocarbamates. Advanced Optical Materials, 3(5), pp. 704-712. ISSN (online) 2195-1071

Bear, Joseph C., Peveler, William J., McNaughter, Paul D., Parkin, Ivan P., O'Brien, Paul and Dunnill, Charles W. (2015) Nanoparticle–sulphur "inverse vulcanisation" polymer composites. Chemical Communications, 51(52), pp. 10467-10470. ISSN (print) 1359-7345

Bear, Joseph C., McNaughter, Paul D., Southern, Paul, O'Brien, Paul and Dunnill, Charles W. (2015) Nickel-doped ceria nanoparticles : the effect of annealing on room temperature ferromagnetism. Crystals, 5(3), pp. 312-326. ISSN (online) 2073-4352

Bhattarai, Sushila, Alany, Raid G., Bunt, Craig R., Abdelkader, Hamdy and Rathbone, Michael J. (2015) Design and characterisation of a polyethylene oxide matrix with the potential use as a teat insert for prevention/treatment of bovine mastitis. The AAPS Journal, 17(1), pp. 167-174. ISSN (online) 1550-7416


Chalati, Wail (2015) Cost-effective analysis of vascular and sexual health pharmacy services. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .

Cheema, Amanpreet K., Li, Tan, Liuzzi, Juan P., Zarini, Gustavo G., Dorak, Mehmet T. and Huffman, Fatma G. (2015) Genetic associations of PPARGC1A with Type 2 Diabetes : differences among populations with African origins. Journal of Diabetes Research(921274), ISSN (print) 2314-6745

Crick, C. R., Noimark, S., Peveler, William J., Bear, J. C., Ivanov, A. P., Edel, J. B. and Parkin, I. P. (2015) Advanced analysis of nanoparticle composites : a means toward increasing the efficiency of functional materials. RSC Advances, 5(66), pp. 53789-53795. ISSN (online) 2046-2069

Crisp, Rachel (2015) Effects of acute exercise and high fat diet on the inflammatory response associated with endothelial cells and lipid metabolism. (MSc(R) thesis), Kingston University, .


Deng, Yun, Beadham, Ian, Wu, Jie, Chen, Xiao-Di, Hu, Lan and Gu, Jun (2015) Chronic effects of the ionic liquid [C[sub]4mim][Cl] towards the microalga ' Scenedesmus quadricauda '. Environmental Pollution, 204, pp. 248-255. ISSN (print) 0269-7491


Elwerfalli, Arwa Matoug, Al-Kinani, Ali, Alany, Raid and ElShaer, Amr (2015) Nano-engineering chitosan particles to sustain the release of promethazine from orodispersables. Carbohydrate Polymers, 131, pp. 447-461. ISSN (print) 0144-8617

Esconjauregui, Santiago, D’Arsié, Lorenzo, Guo, Yuzheng, Yang, Junwei, Sugime, Hisashi, Caneva, Sabina, Cepek, Cinzia and Robertson, John (2015) Efficient transfer doping of carbon nanotube forests by MoO[sub]3. ACS Nano, 9(10), pp. 10422-10430. ISSN (print) 1936-0851


Feraille, Gaël, Foot, Peter J. S. and Singer, Richard J. (2015) In situ polymerisation of pyrrole within the lattices of mesoporous hexagonal silica systems. Polymers & Polymer Composites, 23(9), pp. 589-596. ISSN (print) 0967-3911


Gomez, Virginia, Bear, Joseph C., McNaughter, Paul D., McGettrick, James D., Watson, Trystan, Charbonneau, Cecile, O'Brien, Paul, Barron, Andrew R. and Dunnill, Charles W. (2015) Bi-phasic titanium dioxide nanoparticles doped with nitrogen and neodymium for enhanced photocatalysis. Nanoscale, 7(42), pp. 17735-17744. ISSN (print) 2040-3364

Gurry, Michael, Sweeney, Martin, McArdle, Patrick and Aldabbagh, Fawaz (2015) One-pot hydrogen peroxide and hydrohalic acid induced ring closure and selective aromatic halogenation to give new ring-fused benzimidazoles. Organic Letters, 17(11), pp. 2856-2859. ISSN (print) 1523-7060

Gurry, Michael, McArdle, Patrick and Al-Dabbagh, Fawaz (2015) Synthesis of a Spirocyclic Oxetane-Fused Benzimidazole. Molecules, 20(8), pp. 13864-13874. ISSN (print) 1431-5165


Hawkins, Gerard, Zetterlund, Per B and Aldabbagh, Fawaz (2015) RAFT polymerization in supercritical carbon dioxide based on an induced precipitation approach : synthesis of 2-ethoxyethyl methacrylate/acrylamide block copolymers. Journal of Polymer Science Part A : Polymer Chemistry, 53(20), pp. 2351-2356. ISSN (print) 0887-624X

Heift, Dominikus, Benkő, Zoltán, Grützmacher, Hansjörg, Jupp, Andrew R. and Goicoechea, Jose M. (2015) Cyclo-oligomerization of isocyanates with Na(PH[sub]2) or Na(OCP) as "P-" anion sources. Chemical Science, 6(7), pp. 4017-4024. ISSN (print) 2041-6520

Hewawasam, Nirun Videesha (2015) Developing novel pharmacological inhibitors of Rab7-GTPase to promote [Beta]-cell expansion for diabetes therapy. (MSc(R) thesis), Kingston University, .


Jahanbin, Tania, Sauriat-Dorizon, Hélène, Spearman, Peter, Benderbous, Soraya and Korri-Youssoufi, Hafsa (2015) Development of Gd(III) porphyrin-conjugated chitosan nanoparticles as contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging. Materials Science & Engineering C-Materials For Biological Applications, 52, pp. 325-332. ISSN (print) 0928-4931

Jhunjhunwalla, Kamal, Singh, Rabindra, Barton, Stephen, Barker, James and Busquets, Rosa (2015) Extraction of volatile oil Carum roxburghianum from two locations in West Bengal and its ligustilide content. In: HPLC 2015 : 42nd International Conference on High Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques; 21 - 25 Jun 2015, Geneva, Switzerland. (Unpublished)

Jhunjhunwalla, Kamal, Singh, Rabindra Kumar, Barton, Stephen, Barker, James and Busquets, Rosa (2015) Interpretations from the calculation of Equivalent Alkane Carbon Number (EACN) for a range of synthetic aroma molecules. In: HPLC 2015 : 42nd International Conference on High Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques; 21 - 25 Jun 2015, Geneva, Switzerland. (Unpublished)


Le Gresley, Adam, Simpson, Emma, Sinclair, Alex, Williams, Neil, Burnett, Gary, Bradshaw, David and Lucas, Robert (2015) The application of high resolution diffusion NMR for the characterisation and quantification of small molecules in saliva/dentifrice slurries. Analytical Methods, 7(6), p. 2323. ISSN (print) 1759-9660

Lhaf, F, Taylor, H, Austin, ALF, King, A, Jones, P, Turner, M, Jones, L and Hill, N (2015) Modulation of growth factor receptor trafficking as a novel approach to promoting beta cell expansion. In: Diabetes UK Professional Conference 2015 : Diabetes: time to take control; 11 - 13 Mar 2015, London, U.K..


Naughton, D. P. and Petroczi, A. (2015) Rapid and simultaneous analyses for multiple drugs in hair samples using dynamic multiple reaction monitoring. Clinical Laboratory International, pp. 24-25. ISSN (print) 1373-1580


Pavlidis, Cristiana, Lanara, Zoi, Balasopoulou, Angeliki, Nebel, Jean-Christophe, Katsila, Theodora and Patrinos, George P. (2015) Meta-analysis of genes in commercially available nutrigenomic tests denotes lack of association with dietary intake and nutrient-related pathologies. OMICS : A Journal of Integrative Biology, 19(9), pp. 512-520. ISSN (print) 1536-2310

Powell, M. J., Marchand, P., Denis, C. J., Bear, J. C., Darr, J. A. and Parkin, I. P. (2015) Direct and continuous synthesis of VO[sub]2 nanoparticles. Nanoscale, 7(44), pp. 18686-18693. ISSN (print) 2040-3364


Rahman, Farzana, Hassan, Mehedi, Kryshchenko, Alona, Dubchak, Inna, Tatarinova, Tatiana V. and Alexandrov, Nickolai (2015) benchNGS : an approach to benchmark short reads alignment tools. arXiv,

Roudini, Danesh (2015) Synthesis and properties of novel thiophene-based liquid crystalline conducting polymers (LCCPs). (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .


Schwikkard, S., James, E. E., Mulholland, D. A., Knirsch, W., Corson, T., Opara, E. and Jaksevicius, A. (2015) Novel, bioactive homoisoflavonoids from a Madagascan Rhodocodon species (Hyacinthaceae, sensu APG II). In: 63rd International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research (GA2015); 23 - 27 Aug 2015, Szeged, Hungary. (Unpublished)

Sehmi, Sandeep K., Noimark, Sacha, Bear, Joseph C., Peveler, William J., Bovis, Melissa, Allan, Elaine, MacRobert, Alexander J. and Parkin, Ivan P. (2015) Lethal photosensitisation of 'Staphylococcus aureus' and 'Escherichia coli' using crystal violet and zinc oxide-encapsulated polyurethane. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 3(31), pp. 6490-6500. ISSN (print) 2050-750X

Shah, Beena (2015) A study into the use of ephedrine, immobilised on a silica support and its use in asymmetric alkynylation reactions. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .

Soudris, Dimitrios, Xydis, Sotirios, Baloukas, Christos, Hadzidimitriou, Anastasia, Chouvarda, Ioanna, Stamatopoulos, Kostas, Maglaveras, Nicos, Chang, John, Raptopoulos, Andreas, Manset, David, Pierscionek, Barbara, Kayyali, Reem, Philip, Nada, Becker, Tobias, Vaporidi, Katerina, Kondili, Eumorphia, Georgopoulos, Dimitrios, Sutton, Lesley-Ann, Rosenquist, Richard, Scarfo, Lydia and Ghia, Paolo (2015) AEGLE: A Big Bio-Data Analytics Framework for Integrated Health-Care Services. In: SAMOS XV; 20-23 Jul 2015, Samos, Greece.


Thayee, Omer, Bakir, Emaad and Foot, Peter (2015) Designing novel electroluminescent polymers suitable for use in PLED devices. Saarbrucken, Germany : Lambert Academic Publishing. 204p. ISBN 9783659814334


Viloria, Katrina, Ryall, Claire, Dandagama Mudiyanselage, Amanda, Asher, Sharan, Lhaf, Fadel, King, Aileen, Jones, Peter, Kocher, Hermant, Jones, Lucy and Hill, Natasha (2015) Creating a 3D matricellular environment to promote islet expansion for diabetes therapy – the role of SPARC family proteins. In: Experimental Biology 2015; 28 Mar - 01 Apr 2015, Boston, U.S.. (Unpublished)

Vimalarasa, Rubini, Foot, Peter J. S. and Calabrese, Gianpiero (2015) Polypyrrole-chitosan core-shell nanoparticles for anticancer drug delivery. In: 4th NanoFar Autumn School; 26 - 30 Oct 2015, Nantes, France. (Unpublished)


Wren, Stephen P., Piletsky, Sergey A., Karim, Kal, Gascoine, Paul, Lacey, Richard, Sun, Tong and Grattan, Kenneth T. V. (2015) Computational design and fabrication of optical fibre fluorescent chemical probes for the detection of cocaine. Journal of Lightwave Technology, 33(12), pp. 2572-2579. ISSN (print) 0733-8724


Yousaf, Anam, Qadir, Abdul, Anjum, Tehmina and Ahmad, Aqeel (2015) Identification of microbial metabolites elevating vitamin contents in barley seeds. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 63(32), pp. 7304-7310. ISSN (print) 0021-8561


Zangeneh Kamali, Khosro, Pandikumar, Alagarsamy, Sivaraman, Gandhi, Lim, Hong Ngee, Wren, Stephen Paul, Sun, Tong and Huang, Nay Ming (2015) Silver@graphene oxide nanocomposite-based optical sensor platform for biomolecules. RSC Advances, 5(23), pp. 17809-17816. ISSN (online) 2046-2069

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