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Al-Khazali, H. A. H. and Askari, M. R. (2011) Experimental technique to investigate vibration monitoring in revolving structures using oscilloscopic/modal testing. International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, 3(10), pp. 7799-7814. ISSN (online) 0975-5462

Al-Khazali, H.A. and Askari, M.R. (2011) Modal analysis design to exposure gyroscopic effect in rotating machinery using experimental and analytical/computational techniques. International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, 3(9), pp. 7234-7243. ISSN (online) 0975-5462

Al-Khazali, H.A.H. and Askari, M.R. (2012) Investigate balancing in rotating structures using modal testing and analysis results for structural health monitoring purpose and design. International Review of Modelling and Simulations (IREMOS), 5(5 A), pp. 2104-2118. ISSN (print) 1974-9821

Al-Khazali, H.A.H. and Askari, M.R. (2012) System Identification in Rotating Structures using Vibration and Modal Analysis. In: Allemang, R. , De Clerck, J. , Niezrecki, C. and Blough, J.R., (eds.) Topics in Modal Analysis I, Volume 5. New York, U.S. : Springer-Verlag. pp. 481-497. (Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics, no. 30) ISSN (print) 2191-5644 ISBN 9781461424246

Al-Khazali, Hisham and Askari, Mohamad R. (2011) Calculations of frequency response functions (FRF) using computer smart office software and Nyquist Plot under Gyroscopic effect rotation. International Journal of Computer Science, Information Technology & Security, 1(2), pp. 90-97. ISSN (print) 2250-1355

Al-Khazali, Hisham A. and Askari, Mohamad R. (2011) Computer simulation to investigate system identification and vibration monitoring in rotor dynamic analysis. International Journal of Advances in Science and Technology, 3(4), pp. 1-15. ISSN (print) 2229-5216

Al-Khudairi, O. and Ghasemnejad, H. (2015) To improve failure resistance in joint design of composite wind turbine blade materials. Renewable Energy, 81, pp. 936-951. ISSN (print) 0960-1481

Alam, M, Singh, H. and Limbachiya, M.C. (2011) Barrier performance of SiO2 coated PET film for Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) envelope. In: 10th International Vacuum Insulation Symposium; 15-16 Sept 2011, Ottawa, Canada.

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Arachchige, B., Ghasemnejad, H. and Augousti, A. T. (2016) Theoretical approach to predict transverse impact response of variable-stiffness curved composite plates. Composites Part B Engineering, 89, pp. 34-43. ISSN (print) 1359-8368

Arahchige, Buddhi, Ghasemnejad, Hessam and Augousti, Andre (2015) Investigating effect on contact stiffness on the low velocity impact response of curved composite plate. In: 6th International Conference on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (TAM '15); 27-29 Jun 2015, Salerno, Italy.


Barbosa, Luiz Filipe, Trunins, Jevgenijs, Zweiri, Yahya H., Claus, Malcolm and Kamm, Niklaus (2015) Development and testing of the Mars Rover Mobility Platform for educational and research purposes. IARJSET, 2(10), pp. 99-104. ISSN (print) 2394-1588

Bengherbia, Tarek, Yao, Yufeng, Bauer, Pascal, Giraud, Marc and Knowlen, Carl (2011) Improved one-dimensional unsteady modeling of thermally choked ram accelerator in sub-detonative velocity regime. In: 26th International Symposium on Ballistics; 12-16 Sep 2011, Miami, USA. (Unpublished)


Castagna, J., Yao, Y. and Yao, J. (2012) Numerical simulation of a turbulenct flow over an axisymmetric hill. In: 50th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting including the New Horizons Forum and Aerospace Exposition 2012; 9-10 Jan 2012, Nashville, Tennessee.

Ciuraru, C. and Ghasemnejad, H. (2012) Analysis of the wind energy sector in Romania. In: International Symposium on Environment Friendly Energies and Applications (EFEA 2012); 25-27 June 2012, Newcastle, UK.


David-West, O. S., Wang, J. and Cooper, R. (2011) Model updating of an enclosure using imaginary elements. In: 8th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics: Integrating Simulation and Experimentation for Validation; 7-9 Sep 2011, Edinburgh, Scotland. (Unpublished)


Effendy, Marwan (2014) Investigation of turbine blade trailing edge cooling and thermal mixing characteristics. (PhD thesis), Kingston University.


Ghafari-Namini, N. and Ghasemnejad, H. (2015) Controllable crack propagation in off-axis crushing of stitched composite absorbers. Open Journal of Composite Materials, 5(4), pp. 93-100. ISSN (print) 2164-5612

Ghafari-Namini, N. and Ghasemnejad, H. (2012) Effect of natural stitched composites on the crashworthiness of box structures. Materials & design, 39, pp. 484-494. ISSN (print) 0264-1275

Ghafari-Namini, Nasrin (2013) Design of new composite crash absorbers stitched by natural fibres to improve effective crack growth. (PhD thesis), Kingston University.

Ghasemnejad, H., Ghafari-Namini, N. and Ravanpak, Z (2014) Failure Analysis of Off-Axis Crushing of Stitched Composite Absorbers. In: The 5th International Conference on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (TAM '14); 30 Oct - 01 Nov 2014, Lisbon, Portugal. ISBN 9789604743964

Ghasemnejad, H., Argentiero, Y., Tez, T.A. and Barrington, P.E. (2013) Impact damage response of natural stitched single lap-joint in composite structures. Materials and Design, 51, pp. 552-560. ISSN (print) 0264-1275

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Ghasemnejad, Hessammaddin (2011) Avoid catastrophic failure in wind turbine blades: a study of delamination under various loading conditions. Windtech International, ISSN (print) 1574-2415


Ismail, Mohd Azmi bin (2014) Enhancement of heat transfer performance on nacelle lip-skin for swirl anti-icing. (PhD thesis), Kingston University.

Ives, Anthony O., Wang, Jian, Raghunathan, Srinivasan and Sloan, Patrick (2011) Heat transfer through a idealised bias flow acoustic liner. Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, 25(3), pp. 404-423. ISSN (print) 0887-8722

Ives, Anthony O., Wang, Jian, Raghunathan, Srinivasan and Sloan, Patrick (2011) Heat transfer through a single hole bias flow acoustic liner. Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, 25(3), pp. 409-423. ISSN (print) 0887-8722


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Kusztelan, Alexander (2015) An experimental and computational study of a twin-entry turbo charger for downsized internal combustion engines. (PhD thesis), Kingston University.


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Nixon, Jonathan D, Wright, D.G., Dey, P.K., Ghosh, S.K. and Davies, P.A. (2013) A comparative assessment of waste incinerators in the UK. Waste Management, 33(11), pp. 2234-2244. ISSN (print) 0956-053X


Papadopoulos, F., Aiyappa, D., Shapriya, R., Sotirchos, E., Ghasemnejad, H. and Benhadj-Djilali, R. (2012) Advanced natural stitched composite materials in skin-stiffener of wind turbine blade structures. In: 11th International Conference on Fracture and Damage Mechanics; 18-21 Sept 2012, Xian, China. (Unpublished)


Razmkhah, O. and Ghasemnejad, H. (2013) Impact damage response of osteoporosis hip bone. In: 4th European Conference of Mechanical Engineering (ECME' 13); 29-31 Oct 2013, Paris, France. (Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering Applications, no. 8) ISSN (print) 2227-4596 ISBN 9789604743452

Razmkhah, Omid (2014) Effect of sideways impact fall on the osteoporosis fractures of proximal femur. (PhD thesis), Kingston University.


Salin, Andrea (2014) Numerical modelling of swept and crossing shock-wave turbulent boundary-layer interactions. (PhD thesis), Kingston University.


Trunins, Jevgenijs, Curley, Andrew and Osborne, Barnaby (2012) Design of the Mars rover mobility system. Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, 65(02/03), pp. 87-97. ISSN (print) 0007-084X


Wanninayake, I. B., Dasgupta, P., Seneviratne, L. D. and Althoefer, K. (2014) Modeling and optimizing output characteristics of intensity modulated optical fiber-based displacement sensors. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 64(3), pp. 758-767. ISSN (print) 0018-9456

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Wanninayake, Indika B., Dasgupta, Prokar, Seneviratne, Lakmal D. and Althoefer, Kaspar (2013) Air-float Palpation Probe for Tissue Abnormality Identification During Minimally Invasive Surgery. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 60(10), pp. 2735-2744. ISSN (print) 0018-9294


Xing, F., Zhang, S. and Yao, Y. (2012) Numerical Simulation of Shock-Induced-Combustion in Three-Dimensional HyShot Scramjet Model. In: 50th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting including the New Horizons Forum and Aerospace Exposition 2012; 9-10 Jan 2012, Nashville, Tennessee.


Yap, H.Y. and Nixon, J.D. (2015) A multi-criteria analysis of options for energy recovery from municipal solid waste in India and the UK. Waste Management, ISSN (print) 0956-053X (Epub Ahead of Print)


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Zia, M.T, Curley, A., Duran, O. and Razmkhah, O. (2011) Application of LabView and cRIO for high precision positioning of Mars Rover using DC motors. In: 2nd International Conference on Space Technology (ICST 2011); 15-17 Sep 2011, Athens, Greece. (Unpublished)

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