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Lerdprom, Wirat, Zapata-Solvas, Eugenio, Jayaseelan, Doni D., Borrell, Amparo, Salvador, Maria. D. and Lee, William. E. (2017) Impact of microwave processing on porcelain microstructure. Ceramics International, ISSN (print) 0272-8842 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Al Nasri, N, Patra, N, Jayaseelan, D.D. and Lee, W.E. (2017) Water vapour corrosion of rare earth monosilicates for environmental barrier coatings application. Ceramics International, 43(10), pp. 7393-7400. ISSN (print) 0272-8842

Lerdprom, W., Li, C., Jayaseelan, D.D., Skinner, S.J. and Lee, W.E. (2017) Temperature dependence of electrical conductivity of a green porcelain mixture. Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 37(1), pp. 343-349. ISSN (print) 0955-2219

Ledrdprom, Wirat, Grasso, Salvatore, Jayaseelan, Doni Daniel, Reece, Michael J. and Lee, William E. (2017) Densification behaviour and physicomechanical properties of porcelains prepared using spark plasma sintering. Advances in Applied Ceramics, 116(6), pp. 307-315. ISSN (print) 1743-6753

Cedillos-Barraza, Omar, Manara, Dario, Boboridis, Konstantinos, Watkins, Tyson, Grasso, Salvatore, Jayaseelan, Daniel, Konings, Rudy, Reece, Michael and Lee, William (2016) Investigating the highest melting temperature materials : a laser melting study of the TaC-HfC system. Scientific Reports, 6, p. 37962. ISSN (online) 2045-2322

Lerdprom, W, Chinnam, RK, Jayaseelan, DD and Lee, WE (2016) Porcelain production by direct sintering. Journal of European Ceramic Society, 36(16), pp. 4319-4325. ISSN (print) 0955-2219

Yulei, Bai, Duf, Andrew, Jayaseelan, Doni Daniel, Wang, Rongguo, He, Xiadong and Lee, William Edward (2016) DFT predictions of crystal structure, electronic structure, compressibility, and elastic properties of Hf-Al-C carbides. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 99(10), pp. 3449-3457. ISSN (print) 0002-7820

Cedillos-Barraza, Omar, Grasso, Salvatore, Al Nasiri, Nasrin, Jayaseelan, Doni Daniel, Reece, Michael J. and Lee, William E. (2016) Sintering behaviour, solid solution formation and characterisation of TaC, HfC and TaC–HfC fabricated by spark plasma sintering. Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 36(7), pp. 1539-1548. ISSN (print) 0955-2219

Patra, Niranjan, Al Nasiri, Nasrin, Jayaseelan, Daniel Doni and Lee, William E (2016) Synthesis, characterisation and use of synthesised fine zirconium diborides as an additive for densification of commercial zirconium diboride powder. Ceramics International, 42(8), pp. 9565-9570. ISSN (print) 0272-8842

Patra, Niranjan, Al Nasiri, Nasrin, Jayaseelan, Doni Daniel and Lee, William E (2016) Low-temperature solution synthesis of nanosized hafnium carbide using pectin. Ceramics International, 42(1,Part B), pp. 1959-1963. ISSN (print) 0272-8842

Cui, Bai, Jayaseelan, Doni Daniel and Lee, William Edward (2012) TEM study of the early stages of Ti2AlC oxidation at 900[degrees]C. Scripta Materialia, 67(10), pp. 830-833. ISSN (print) 1359-6462

Cui, Bai, Sa, Rafael, Jayaseelan, Daniel D., Inam, Fawad, Reece, Michael J. and Lee, William Edward (2012) Microstructural evolution during high-temperature oxidation of spark plasma sintered Ti[sub]2AlN ceramics. Acta Materialia, 60(3), pp. 1079-1092. ISSN (print) 1359-6454

Eakins, Emily, Jayaseelan, Doni Daniel and Lee, William Edward (2011) Toward oxidation-resistant ZrB2-SiC ultra high temperature ceramics. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 42(4), pp. 878-887. ISSN (print) 1073-5623

Jayaseelan, Doni Daniel, de Sa, Rafael Guimaraes, Brown, Peter and Lee, William E. (2011) Reactive infiltration processing (RIP) of ultra high temperature ceramics (UHTC) into porous C/C composite tubes. Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 31(3), pp. 361-368. ISSN (print) 0955-2219

Jayaseelan, D D, Wang, Y, Hilmas, G E, Fahrenholtz, W, Brown, P and Lee, W E (2011) TEM investigation of hot pressed ‐10 vol.%SiC–ZrB[sub]2 composite. Advances in Applied Ceramics: Structural, Functional and Bioceramics Journal - Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, 110(1), pp. 1-7. ISSN (print) 1743-6753


Daniel, Doni Jayaseelan [Inventor], Kita, Hideki [Inventor], Kondo, Naoki [Inventor], Ueno, Shunkichi [Inventor], Koike, Kazhuhiko [Inventor] and Nakanishi, Tomohiko [Inventor] (2007) National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Nagoya, Japan Needle-shaped ceramic body, needle-shaped ceramic catalyst and method for producing same. US2007254804.

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