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A. Namadi, Sa'id, Pasquire, Christine and Manu, Emmanuel (2017) Discrete costing versus collaborative costing. In: 25th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC); 09 - 12 Jul 2017, Heraklion, Greece.

Ayaz, Beenish, Allen, Alastair and Wiercigroch, Marian (2017) Improving routing performance of underwater wireless sensor networks. In: OCEANS 2017 MTS/IEEE; 19-22 Jun 2017, Aberdeen, U.K..

Brown, C. J., Goodey, R.J. and Rotter, J. M. (2017) Bending of rectangular plates subject to non-uniform pressure distributions relevant to containment structures. In: 8th European Conference on Steel and Composite Structures; 13 - 15 September 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Deng, Jie (2017) Improved correlations of the thermal-hydraulic performance of large size multi-louvered fin arrays for condensers of high power electronic component cooling by numerical simulation. Energy Conversion and Management, 153, pp. 504-514. ISSN (print) 0196-8904

Divall, S., Goodey, R. J. and Stallebrass, S. E. (2017) Twin-tunnelling-induced changes to clay stiffnesses. Geotechnique, 67(10), pp. 906-913. ISSN (print) 0016-8505

Domun, Nadiim, Hadavinia, Homayoun, Zhang, Tao, Liaghat, Gholamhossein, Vahid, Samireh, Spacie, Chris, Paton, Keith R. and Sainsbury, Toby (2017) Improving the fracture toughness properties of epoxy using graphene nanoplatelets at low filler content. Nanocomposites, 3(3), pp. 85-96. ISSN (print) 2055-0324

Fountas, N. A., Zivkovic, S., Benhadj-Djilali, R., Stergiou, C. I., Majstorovic, V. D. and Vaxevanidis, N. M. (2017) Intelligent dual curve-driven tool path optimization and virtual CMM inspection for sculptured surface CNC machining. In: 5th International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Engineering and Technologies (NEWTECH); 05 - 09 Jun 2017, Belgrade, Serbia.

Gaz, Claudio, De Gaetano, Andrea, Manes, Costanzo, Palumbo, Pasquale, Borri, Alessandro and Panunzi, Simona (2017) Effective control of glycemia using a simple discrete-delay model. In: 20th IFAC World Congress; 09 - 14 Jul 2017, Toulouse, France.

Gaz, Claudio and De Luca, Alessandro (2017) Payload estimation based on identified coefficients of robot dynamics - With an application to collision detection. In: 2017 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2017); 24 - 28 Sep 2017, Vancouver, Canada.

Ghazanlou, Siavash Imanian, Farhood, A. H. S., Hosouli, Sahand, Ahmadiyeh, Somayeh and Rasooli, Ali (2017) Pulse frequency and duty cycle effects on the electrodeposited Ni–Co reinforced with micro and nano-sized ZnO. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 28(20), pp. 15537-15551. ISSN (print) 0957-4522

Jiang, Pingfei, Atherton, Mark, Harrison, David and Malizia, Alessio (2017) Framework of mechanical design knowledge representations for avoiding patent infringement. In: 21st International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED17); 21-25 Aug 2017, Vancouver, Canada.

Lerdprom, Wirat, Zapata-Solvas, Eugenio, Jayaseelan, Doni D., Borrell, Amparo, Salvador, Maria. D. and Lee, William. E. (2017) Impact of microwave processing on porcelain microstructure. Ceramics International, 43(16), pp. 13765-13771. ISSN (print) 0272-8842

Marlow, Jack James (2017) Development and characterisation of a dual bi-directional vortex cooling approach to lower the cost of a small liquid bi-propellant rocket engine. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .

Nasir, Diana S.N.M., Hughes, Ben Richard and Calautit, John Kaiser (2017) A CFD analysis of several design parameters of a road pavement solar collector (RPSC) for urban application. Applied Energy, 186(3), pp. 436-449. ISSN (print) 0306-2619

Nasir, Diana S.N.M., Hughes, Ben Richard and Calautit, John Kaiser (2017) Influence of urban form on the performance of road pavement solar collector system : symmetrical and asymmetrical heights. Energy Conversion and Management, 149, pp. 904-917. ISSN (print) 0196-8904

Owusu-Manu, D., Torku, A., Pärn, E., Addy, M.N. and Edwards, D.J. (2017) An empirical assessment of innovation practices of quantity surveying firms in Ghana. Journal of Construction Project Management and Innovation, 7(Supp 1), pp. 1843-1858. ISSN (print) 2223-7852

Papathanasiou, T K, Markolefas, S, Khazaeinejad, P and Bahai, H (2017) An efficient structural finite element for inextensible flexible risers. In: First Conference of Computational Methods in Offshore Technology; 30 Nov - 01 Dec 2017, Stavanger, Norway.

Papathanasiou, T K, Markolefas, S, Khazaeinejad, P and Bahai, H (2017) An efficient structural finite element for inextensible flexible risers. IOP Conference Series : Materials Science and Engineering, 276(1), 012023. ISSN (print) 1757-8981

Papathanasiou, Theodosios, Khazaeinejad, Payam and Bahai, Hamid (2017) Finite element analysis of heat transfer in thin multilayered plates. In: UK Heat Transfer Conference (UKHTC2017); 04 - 05 Sep 2017, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Shahzad, Sally, Calautit, John Kaiser, Aquino, Angelo I., Mohd Nasir, Diana SNM and Hughes, Ben Richard (2017) Neutral thermal sensation or dynamic thermal comfort? Numerical and field test analysis of a thermal chair. In: 9th International Conference on Applied Energy (ICAE 2017); 21 - 24 Aug 2017, Cardiff, U.K..

Shahzad, Sally, Calautit, John Kaiser, Aquino, Angelo I., Nasir, Diana S.N.M. and Hughes, Ben Richard (2017) A user-controlled thermal chair for an open plan workplace : CFD and field studies of thermal comfort performance. Applied Energy, 207, pp. 283-293. ISSN (print) 0306-2619

Tavri, Purva (2017) What is reuse? CIWM Journal, pp. 48-49.

Torku, A., Owusu-Manu, D., Pärn, E., Addy, N.M. and Edwards, D.J. (2017) Innovate to compete : an empirical assessment of measures to enhance innovation adoption in Ghanaian quantity surveying firms. In: 6th International Conference on Infrastructure Development in Africa; 14-16 Apr 2017, Kumasi, Ghana.

Torku, Alex, Owusu-Manu, De-Graft, Pärn, Erika, Addy, Michael Nii and Edwards, David J. (2017) Impedance to innovation practices in the Ghanaian construction industry consultancy services : the perspective of quantity surveying firms. In: CITC-9 : Ninth International Conference on Construction in the 21st Century (CITC-9); 05-07 Mar 2017, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Umar, Tariq (2017) Academic advising, a case study of A’Sharqiyah University-Oman. In: Academic Advising Practice; 21 - 22 Nov 2017, Rustaq College of Education, Oman. (Unpublished)

Umar, Tariq and Egbu, Charles (2017) The potential of biomass for electricity generation in Oman. In: International Conference on Sustainable Futures : ICSF 2017; 26-27 Nov 2017, Amwaj Islands, Kingdom of Bahrain.

Umeokafor, Nnedinma (2017) Barriers to construction health and safety self-regulation : a scoping case of Nigeria. Civil Engineering Dimension, 19(1), pp. 44-53. ISSN (print) 1410-9530

Umeokafor, Nnedinma (2017) An appraisal of the barriers to client involvement in health and safety in Nigeria's construction industry. Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology, 15(4), pp. 471-487. ISSN (print) 1726-0531

Usman, Muhammad Rehan, Usman, Muhammad Arslan and Shin, Soo Young (2017) Channel blocking analysis and availability prediction in cognitive radio networks. In: 2017 International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC); 26-29 Jan 2017, Silicon Valley, U.S..

Zanni, Maria Angeliki, Soetanto, Robby and Ruikar, Kirti (2017) Towards a BIM-enabled sustainable building design process : roles, responsibilities, and requirements. Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 13(2), pp. 101-129. ISSN (print) 1745-2007

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