An efficient structural finite element for inextensible flexible risers

Papathanasiou, T K, Markolefas, S, Khazaeinejad, P and Bahai, H (2017) An efficient structural finite element for inextensible flexible risers. IOP Conference Series : Materials Science and Engineering, 276(1), 012023. ISSN (print) 1757-8981


A core part of all numerical models used for flexible riser analysis is the structural component representing the main body of the riser as a slender beam. Loads acting on this structural element are self-weight, buoyant and hydrodynamic forces, internal pressure and others. A structural finite element for an inextensible riser with a point-wise enforcement of the inextensibility constrain is presented. In particular, the inextensibility constraint is applied only at the nodes of the meshed arc length parameter. Among the virtues of the proposed approach is the flexibility in the application of boundary conditions and the easy incorporation of dissipative forces. Several attributes of the proposed finite element scheme are analysed and computation times for the solution of some simplified examples are discussed. Future developments aim at the appropriate implementation of material and geometric parameters for the beam model, i.e. flexural and torsional rigidity.

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