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Abdulla, Samuel [Contributor], Avellino, Vicky [Contributor], Bailey, Carol [Contributor], Ball, Jo [Contributor], Beatie, Cheryl [Contributor], Birtchnell, Deborah [Contributor], Boyce, Diana [Contributor], Breddick, Jenna [Contributor], Burke, Noel [Contributor], Camden-Smith, Claudia [Contributor], Casserly, Emily [Contributor], Chester, Rebecca [Contributor], Claridge-Lawrence, Anita [Contributor], Clark, David [Contributor], Clayton, Sarah [Contributor], Cole, Christina [Contributor], Collins, Natasha [Contributor], Cooper, Ruth [Contributor], Dexter, Lisa [Contributor], Dolman, Jennifer [Contributor], Donnelly, Mary [Contributor], Dorman, Terri [Contributor], Dunne, Catherine [Contributor], Fearns, Debra [Editor], Fisher-Joannides, Joanna [Contributor], Fletcher, Natasha [Contributor], Futcher, Sarah [Contributor], Gates, Bob [Editor], Gormley-Fleming, Elizabeth [Contributor], Graham, Aiden [Contributor], Hawkins, James [Contributor], Holmes, Sarah [Contributor], James, Joanne [Contributor], Jones, Jennifer [Contributor], Keer, Nichola [Contributor], Kelly, Sandra [Contributor], Keighley, Amanda [Contributor], Maloret, Paul [Contributor], Marsden, Daniel [Contributor], Moulster, Gweneth [Contributor], Murray, Helen [Contributor], O'Driscoll, David [Contributor], O'Toole, Mary [Contributor], Parker, Michelle [Contributor], Jones, Maggie [Contributor], Roberts, Sheila [Contributor], Sayekaya, Florence [Contributor], Simpson, Tracey-Jo [Contributor], Smith, Paul [Contributor], Sooben, Rooja [Contributor], Surfraz, Mohammad [Contributor], Tendayi, Gamuchirayi [Contributor], Webb, Melanie [Contributor], Webster, Anne [Contributor], Weinrabe, David [Contributor], Welch, Jo [Editor], Williamson, Alison [Contributor], Wilson, Sally [Contributor] and Wilton, Melissa [Contributor] (2015) Learning disability nursing at a glance. Chichester, U.K. : Wiley Blackwell. 163p. (At a Glance Series) ISBN 9781118506134

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