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Alliez, Eric and Goffey, Andrew [Translator] (2009) Body without image: Ernesto Neto's anti-Leviathan. Radical philosophy(156), pp. 23-34. ISSN (print) 0300-211X

Alliez, Eric and Bonne, Jean-Claude (2009) Matisse with Dewey with Deleuze. In: Holland, Eugene W. , Smith, Daniel W. and Stivale, Charles J., (eds.) Gilles Deleuze: image and text. London, U.K. : Continuum. pp. 104-123. ISBN 9780826408327

Alliez, Eric (2009) Organsiz Beden Nasil Yapilir? Ernesto Neto'nun anti-Leviathan'i. In: 11. Uluslararasi Istanbul Bienali = 11th International Istanbul Biennial; 12 Sep - 08 Nov 2009, Istanbul, Turkey. (Unpublished)

Alliez, Eric (2009) The dislocation of the IMAGE-grip. In: Undoing the aesthetic image; 24 Jan 2009, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Benjamin, Andrew and Caygill, Howard (2009) Of Force. Parallax, 15(2), pp. 1-3. ISSN (print) 1353-4645


Caygill, Howard (2009) The Apostate Messiah: Scholem, Taubes and the Occlusions of Sabbatai Zevi. Journal for Cultural Research, 13(3-4), pp. 191-205. ISSN (print) 1479-7585

Charles, Matthew (2009) Speculative experience and history: Walter Benjamin's Goethean Kantianism. (PhD thesis), Middlesex University,


Hallward, Peter (2009) Book review of: Migrant revolutions: Haitian literature, globalization, and US imperialism by Valerie Kaussen. Journal of Haitian Studies, 15(1 & 2), ISSN (print) 1090-3488

Hallward, Peter (2009) Communism of the intellect, Communism of the will. In: On the idea of Communism; 13 - 15 Mar 2009, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Hallward, Peter (2009) Dialectical voluntarism: a defence. In: Sixth Historical Materialism Annual Conference: Another world is necessary: crisis, struggle and political alternatives; 27 - 29 Nov 2009, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Hallward, Peter (2009) Dialectical voluntarism: an agenda for research. In: 21st century materialism; 20 - 21 Jun 2009, Zagreb, Croatia. (Unpublished)

Hallward, Peter (2009) Human, subhuman, superhuman. In: The postcolonial human; 24 - 25 Sep 2009, Leeds, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Hallward, Peter (2009) Lyonel Trouillot, or the fictions of formal democracy. Small Axe: A Caribbean Journal of Criticism, 13(3), pp. 174-185. ISSN (print) 0799-0537

Hallward, Peter (2009) Marx, Hegel and the point of education. In: Eternity and Change; 04 - 05 Dec 2009, Ljubljana, Slovenia. (Unpublished)

Hallward, Peter (2009) Radical politics and political will. Radical Politics Today,

Hallward, Peter (2009) What is political will? In: What is political will?; 11 Jun 2009, Reykjavik, Iceland. (Unpublished)

Hallward, Peter (2009) The will of the people: notes towards a dialectical voluntarism. Radical philosophy(155), pp. 17-29. ISSN (print) 0300-211X


Malabou, Catherine (2009) Bouche cousue: de l'homeostasie [With sealed lips. On homeostasis]. In: Pontbriand, Chantal, (ed.) Harun Farocki/Rodney Graham. Paris, France : Blackjack editions. ISBN 9782918063032

Malabou, Catherine (2009) How is subjectivity undergoing deconstruction today? Philosophy, auto-hetero-affection, and neurobiological emotion. Qui Parle, 17(2), pp. 111-122. ISSN (print) 1041-8385

Malabou, Catherine (2009) L'eternel retour et le fantome de la difference. In: Pornschlegel, Clemens and Stingelin, Martin, (eds.) Nietzsche und Frankreich. Berlin, Germany : Walter de Gruyter. ISBN 9783110193312

Malabou, Catherine and Emmanuelli, Xavier (2009) La Grande Exclusion. L'Urgence Sociale : Therapeutique et Symptomes. Paris, France : Bayard Publishing. 250p. (Essais documents divers) ISBN 9782227479159

Malabou, Catherine (2009) La chambre du milieu: de Hegel aux neurosciences. Paris, France : Hermann. ISBN 9782705667795

Malabou, Catherine (2009) Swan lake: bleu comme les neurones. In: Bernard, Christian and Davila, Thierry, (eds.) Claude Leveque. Paris, France : Flammarion. pp. 126-133. ISBN 9782080301277


Osborne, Peter (2009) Abstract images: sign, image and aesthetic in Gerhard Richter's painting. In: Buchloh, Benjamin H. D., (ed.) Gerhard Richter. London, U.K. : MIT Press. pp. 95-112. ISBN 9780262513128

Osborne, Peter (2009) Modernisms and mediations. In: Halsall, Francis , Jansen, Julia Alejandra and O'Connor, Tony, (eds.) Rediscovering aesthetics: transdisciplinary voices from art history, philosophy, and art practice. Stanford, U.S.A. : Stanford University Press. pp. 163-177. ISBN 9780804759915

Osborne, Peter (2009) Occasionalism. In: Faldbakken, Matias, (ed.) Matias Faldbakken: shocked into abstraction. Birmingham, U.K. : Ikon Gallery Ltd. pp. 44-71. ISBN 9781904864530

Osborne, Peter (2009) Starting up all over again: time and existence in some conceptual art of the 1960s. In: Eleey, Peter, (ed.) The quick and the dead. Minneapolis, U.S.A. : Walker Art Center. pp. 91-106. ISBN 9780935640939

Osborne, Peter (2009) An image of romanticism - fragment and project: from Schlegel's 'Athenaeum Fragments' to LeWitt's 'Sentences on Conceptual Art'. Verksted #11: Sol LeWitt's 'Sentences on Conceptual Art': manuscript and draft materials 1968-69., pp. 5-27. ISSN (print) 1503-8467


Sandford, Stella (2009) Of Gods and men: the Timaeus and the universal ontology of sex. In: Philosophy seminars; 19 Mar 2009, Hatfield, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Sandford, Stella (2009) The politics of sex. In: Situated selves: phenomenology, law and aesthetics; 30 - 31 Oct 2009, Liverpool, U.K.. (Unpublished)

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