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Jones, Keith and Kaluarachchi, Yamuna (2008) Performance measurement and benchmarking of a major innovation programme. Benchmarking : an international journal, 15(2), pp. 124-136. ISSN (print) 1463-5771

Kaluarachchi, Yamuna D. and Jones, Keith (2007) Monitoring of a strategic partnering process: the Amphion experience. Construction Management and Economics, 25(10), pp. 1053-1061. ISSN (print) 0144-6193

Hilton, Stephen and Jones, Keith (2007) The tandem radical route to indole alkaloids: an unusual rearrangement reaction. ARKIVOC, pp. 120-128. ISSN (print) 1551-7004

Tyrrell, Elizabeth, Allen, Jackie, Jones, Keith and Beauchet, Roman (2005) Asymmetric 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions of nitrones with (S)-(-)-4-benzyl-N-methacryloyl-2-oxazolidinone. Synthesis, 2005(14), pp. 2393-2399. ISSN (print) 0039-7881

Jones, K., Roset, X., Rossiter, S. and Whitfield, P. (2003) Demethylation of 2,4-dimethoxyquinolines: the synthesis of atanine. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 1(24), pp. 4380-4383. ISSN (print) 1477-0520

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Gravett, Edward C, Hilton, Philip J, Jones, Keith and Romero, Fernando (2001) A Suzuki coupling approach to bufadienolides. Tetrahedron Letters, 42(51), pp. 9081-9084. ISSN (print) 0040-4039

Ong, Quyen, Hameyer, Helge, Handa, Sheetal and Jones, Keith (2001) Synthetic studies on morphine-based analgesics: an approach to angular substitution in 4a-aryldecahydroisoquinolines via dienolate chemistry. Tetrahedron Letters, 42(44), pp. 7879-7882. ISSN (print) 0040-4039

Jones, K. and Toutounji, T. (2001) A short protocol for the synthesis of spirocyclic tetrahydrofurans via intramolecular O-H insertion. Tetrahedron, 57(12), pp. 2427-2431. ISSN (print) 0040-4020

Hilton, Stephen T., Ho, Tim C.T., Pljevaljcic, Goran, Schulte, Marcus and Jones, Keith (2001) A tandem radical approach to the ABCE-rings of the Aspidosperma and Strychnos alkaloids. Chemical Communications(2), pp. 209-210. ISSN (print) 1359-7345

Jones, Keith and Storey, John M.D. (2000) An aryl radical cyclisation approach to highly substituted oxindoles related to mitomycins. ARKIVOC : Archive for Organic Chemistry, 5, pp. 755-768. ISSN (print) 1424-6376

Hilton, Stephen T., Ho, Tim C. T., Pljevaljcic, Goran and Jones, Keith (2000) A new route to spirooxindoles. Organic Letters, 2(17), pp. 2639-2641. ISSN (print) 1523-7060

Ashraf, Muhammed A., Jones, Keith and Handa, Sheetal (2000) Biomimetic ligands for transition metals: catechol-containing peptides. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 10(14), pp. 1617-1620. ISSN (print) 0960-894X

Fiumana, Andrea and Jones, Keith (2000) Annulation of indole via indole radicals: addition of the 2-indolyl radical to aromatic rings. Tetrahedron Letters, 41(21), pp. 4209-4211. ISSN (print) 0040-4039

Jones, Keith, Fiumana, Andrea and Escudero-Hernandez, Maria L (2000) Pyridine radicals in synthesis. Part 3: Cyclopentannulation of pyridine via the 3-pyridyl radical and a formal synthesis of (+/-)-oxerine. Tetrahedron, 56(3), pp. 397-406. ISSN (print) 0040-4020

Jones, Keith and Storey, John M.D. (2000) Intramolecular organolithium addition to indol-2(3H)-ones; an approach to the synthesis of pyrrolo[1,2-a] indoles and pyrido[1,2-a] indoles. Journal of the Chemical Society: Perkin Transactions 1(5), pp. 769-774. ISSN (print) 0300-922X

Jones, Keith, Brunton, Shirley A. and Gosain, Rajendra (1999) The aryl radical route to oxindoles: dependence on temperature and tin hydride concentration. Tetrahedron Letters, 40(50), pp. 8935-8938. ISSN (print) 0040-4039

Jones, Keith, Hibbert, Frank and Keenan, Martine (1999) Glowing jellyfish, luminescence and a molecule called coelentrazine. Trends in Biotechnology, 17(12), pp. 477-481. ISSN (print) 0167-7799

Fiumana, Andrea and Jones, Keith (1999) Intermolecular reactions of indol-2-yl radicals : a new route to 2-substituted indoles. Chemical Communications, 17, pp. 1761-1762. ISSN (print) 1359-7345

Keenan, Martine, Jones, Keith and Hibbert, Frank (1997) Highly efficient and flexible total synthesis of coelenterazine. Chemical Communications, 1997(3), pp. 323-324. ISSN (print) 1359-7345

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