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da Silva, RAG, Churchward, CP, Karlyshev, AV, Eleftheriadou, O, Snabaitis, AK, Longman, MR, Ryan, A and Griffin, R (2017) The role of apolipoprotein N-acyl transferase, Lnt, in the lipidation of Factor H binding protein of ' Neisseria meningitidis ' strain MC58 and its potential as a drug target. British Journal of Pharmacology, 174(14), pp. 2247-2260. ISSN (print) 0007-1188

Karlyshev, Andrey V, Snyder, Lori A S, McFadden, Johnjoe and Griffin, Ruth (2015) Insight into proteomic investigations of Neisseria meningitidis serogroup C strain L91543 from analysis of its genome sequence. FEMS Microbiology Letters, 362(9), ISSN (print) 0378-1097

Rosas-Magallanes, Vania, Stadthagen-Gomez, Gustavo, Rauzier, Jean, Barreiro, Luis B., Tailleux, Ludovic, Boudou, Frederic, Griffin, Ruth, Nigou, Jerome, Jackson, Mary, Gicquel, Brigitte and Neyrolles, Olivier (2007) Signature-tagged transposon mutagenesis identifies novel ' Mycobacterium tuberculosis ' genes involved in the parasitism of human macrophages. Infection And Immunity, 75(1), pp. 504-507. ISSN (print) 0019-9567

Stadthagen, Gustavo, Jackson, Mary, Charles, Patricia, Boudou, Frederic, Barilone, Nathalie, Huerre, Michel, Constant, Patricia, Liav, Avraham, Bottova, Iveta, Nigou, Jerome, Brando, Therese, Puzo, Germain, Daffe, Mamadou, Benjamin, Pearline, Coade, Stephen, Buxton, Roger S., Tascon, Ricardo E., Rae, Aaron, Robertson, Brian D., Lowrie, Douglas B., Young, Douglas B., Gicquel, Brigitte and Griffin, Ruth (2006) Comparative investigation of the pathogenicity of three Mycobacterium tuberculosis mutants defective in the synthesis of p-hydroxybenzoic acid derivatives. Microbes and Infection, 8(8), pp. 2245-2253. ISSN (print) 1286-4579

Stadthagen, Gustavo, Kordulakova, Jana, Griffin, Ruth, Constant, Patricia, Bottova, Ivetta, Barilone, Nathalie, Gicquel, Brigitte, Daffe, Mamadou and Jackson, Mary (2005) p-Hydroxybenzoic acid synthesis in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 280(49), pp. 40699-40706. ISSN (print) 0021-9258

Griffin, Ruth, Bayliss, Chris D., Herbert, Mark A., Cox, Andrew D., Makepeace, Katherine, Richards, James C., Hood, Derek W. and Moxon, E. Richard (2005) Digalactoside expression in the lipopolysaccharide of ' Haemophilus influenzae ' and its role in intravascular survival. Infection And Immunity, 73(10), pp. 7022-7026. ISSN (print) 0019-9567

Griffin, Ruth, Cox, Andrew D., Makepeace, Katherine, Richards, James C., Moxon, E. Richard and Hood, Derek W. (2005) Elucidation of the monoclonal antibody 5G8-reactive, virulence-associated lipopolysaccharide epitope of Haemophilus influenzae and its role in bacterial resistance to complement-mediated killing. Infection and Immunity, 73(4), pp. 2213-2221. ISSN (print) 0019-9567

Griffin, Ruth, Cox, Andrew D., Makepeace, Katherine, Richards, James C., Moxon, E. Richard and Hood, Derek W. (2003) The role of lex2 in lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis in 'Haemophilus influenzae' strains RM7004 and RM153. Microbiology, 149(11), pp. 3165-3175. ISSN (print) 1350-0872

Conference or Workshop Item

Mos, Ellis, Ryan, Ali, Griffin, Ruth, Snyder, Lori and (2016) Exploring the function of the factor H binding protein homologue in Neisseria gonorrhoeae. In: International Pathogenic Neisseria Conference 2016; 4-9 September 2016, Manchester, UK. (Unpublished)

Bojang, E, Churchward, Colin, Griffin, Ruth, Roberts, Sabrina, Da Silva, RAG, Yogamanoharan, K, Sivanesan, N, Ali, B, Ashrafi, M, Issa, A, Kaur, T, Latif, A, Mohamed, HAS, Maqsood, A and Snyder, Lori (2014) Genome sequence assembly, annotation, and comparative analysis of a potential novel serogroup of 'Neisseria meningitidis'. In: XIXth International Pathogenic Neisseria Conference; 12 - 17 Oct 2014, Asheville, North Carolina, U.S.. (Unpublished)

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