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Bacon, Ingrid and Conway, Jeff (2022) Co-dependency and enmeshment - a fusion of concepts. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, ISSN (print) 1557-1874 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Brady, Mary Patricia, Price, Jayne, Ooms, Ann and Crighton, Liz (2022) Enhancing knowledge of mental health issues among children's nursing students : evaluation of a service user-led workshop. Nursing Children and Young People, 34(3), pp. 26-32. ISSN (print) 2046-2336

Chueh, Ting-Yu, Hsieh, Shu-Shih, Tsai, Yu-Jung, Yu, Chien-Lin, Hung, Chiao-Ling, Benzing, Valentin, Schmidt, Mirko, Chang, Yu-Kai, Hillman, Charles H. and Hung, Tsung-Min (2022) Effects of a single bout of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity on executive functions in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder : a systematic review and meta-analysis. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 58, p. 102097. ISSN (print) 1469-0292

Distaso, Walter, Malik, Mohammad, Semere, Saba, AlHakami, Amal, Alexander, Emma C, Hirani, Dhruti, Shah, Ronak J, Suba, Kinga, McKechnie, Vicky, Nikčević, Ana, Oliver, Nick, Spada, Marcantonio and Salem, Victoria (2022) Diabetes self-management during the COVID-19 pandemic and its associations with COVID-19 anxiety syndrome, depression, and health anxiety. Diabetic Medicine, 39(10), e14911. ISSN (print) 0742-3071

El-Asam, Aiman, Lane, Rebecca and Katz, Adrienne (2022) Psychological distress and its mediating effect on experiences of online risk : the case for vulnerable young people. Frontiers in Education, 7, p. 772051. ISSN (print) 2504-284X

Estevao, Carolina, Taylor, Elizabeth, Jarrett, Lucinda, Fort, Joseph, Murphy, Kevin, Woods, Anthony, Crane, Nikki, Fancourt, Daisy, Pariante, Carmine M. and Jones, Fiona (2022) A protocol to understand the implementation and experiences of an online community-based performance arts programme through and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, 'Brain Waves'. Frontiers in Rehabilitation Sciences, 3, p. 793901. ISSN (online) 2673-6861

Fernandes, Thiago P., Felisberti, Fatima M., Shoshina, Irina I., Almeida, Natalia L., Oliveira, Milena E.C., Silva, Gabriella M. and Santos, Natanael A. (2022) Combined influence of medication and symptom severity on visual processing in bipolar disorder. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 147, pp. 135-141. ISSN (print) 0022-3956

Howard, Vickie and Adan, Amina (2022) "The end justifies the memes" : a feminist relational discourse analysis of the role of macro memes in facilitating supportive discussions for victim-survivors of narcissistic abuse. Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace, 16(4), p. 10. ISSN (online) 1802-7962

Hsieh, Shu-Shih, Raine, Lauren B., Ortega, Francisco B. and Hillman, Charles H. (2022) The role of chronic physical activity in alleviating the detrimental relationship of childhood obesity on brain and cognition. Journal of Cognitive Enhancement, 6(2), pp. 248-271. ISSN (print) 2509-3290

Jonkman, Kim M., Back, Elisa, Staal, Wouter G., Benard, Lotte, van der Doelen, Daniël M. and Begeer, Sander (2022) Alternative treatments for autism : prevalence and predictors. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 98, p. 102046. ISSN (print) 1750-9467

Kao, Shih-Chun, Tsai, Yu-Jung, Hsieh, Shu-Shih, Chen, I-Fan, Schmitt, Sara and Hung, Tsung-Min (2022) The relationship of muscular endurance and coordination and dexterity with behavioral and neuroelectric indices of attention in preschool children. Scientific Reports, 12(1), ISSN (print) 2045-2322

Lin, Chih‐Chien, Hsieh, Shu‐Shih, Huang, Chung‐Ju, Kao, Shih‐Chun, Chang, Yu‐Kai and Hung, Tsung‐Min (2022) The unique contribution of motor ability to visuospatial working memory in school‐age children : evidence from event‐related potentials. Psychophysiology, ISSN (print) 0048-5772 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Mansueto, Giovanni, Palmieri, Sara, Marino, Claudia, Caselli, Gabriele, Sassaroli, Sandra, Ruggiero, Giovanni Maria, Nikčević, Ana V. and Spada, Marcantonio M. (2022) The Italian COVID‐19 Anxiety Syndrome Scale (C‐19ASS) : investigation of the COVID‐19 anxiety syndrome and its association with psychological symptoms in an Italian population. Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy, ISSN (print) 1063-3995 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Medvedeva, Angela, Galli, Giulia, Petrovskaya, Aleksandra and Medvedev, Oleg N. (2022) A novel application of generalizability theory to evaluate the reliability of the recognition memory test. Current Psychology, ISSN (print) 1046-1310 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Mikulak, Magdalena, Ryan, Sara, Russell, Siabhainn, Caton, Sue, Keagan‐Bull, Richard, Spalding, Rebecca, Ribenfors, Francesca and Hatton, Christopher (2022) ‘Internet is easy if you know how to use it’ : doing online research with people with learning disabilities during the COVID‐19 pandemic. British Journal of Learning Disabilities, ISSN (print) 1354-4187 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Moore, Caitlyn M., Pan, Cynthia X., Roseman, Karin, Stephens, Mary M., Bien-Aime, Casey, Morgan, Ann C., Ross, Wendy, Castillo, Matthew C., Palathra, Brigit C., Jones, Christopher A., Ailey, Sarah, Tuffrey-Wijne, Irene, Smeltzer, Suzanne C. and Tobias, Jane (2022) Top ten tips palliative care clinicians should know about navigating the needs of adults with intellectual disabilities. Journal of Palliative Medicine, 25(12), pp. 1857-1864. ISSN (print) 1096-6218

Naser, Abdallah Y., Dahmash, Eman Zmaily, Alqahtani, Jaber S., Alsairafi, Zahra K., Alsaleh, Fatemah M. and Alwafi, Hassan (2022) Trends in hospital admissions for mental, behavioural and neurodevelopmental disorders in England and Wales between 1999 and 2019 : an ecological study. Healthcare, 10(11), p. 2191. ISSN (print) 2227-9032

Nash-Patel, Theresa, Morrow, Elizabeth, Paliokosta, Paty, Dundas, Jane, O'Donoghue, Bern and Anderson, Eli (2022) Co-design and delivery of a relational learning programme for nursing students and young people with severe and complex learning disabilities. Nurse Education Today, 119, p. 105548. ISSN (print) 0260-6917

Oulton, Kate, Wray, Jo, Kenten, Charlotte, Russell, Jessica, Carr, Lucinda, Hassiotis, Angela, Jewitt, Carey, Kelly, Paula, Kerry, Sam, Tuffrey-Wijne, Irene, Whiting, Mark and Gibson, Faith (2022) Equal access to hospital care for children with learning disabilities and their families : a mixed-methods study. Health and Social Care Delivery Research, 10(13), ISSN (print) 2755-0060

Pallanti, Stefano, Grassi, Eleonora, Knotkova, Helena and Galli, Giulia (2022) Transcranial direct current stimulation in combination with cognitive training in individuals with mild cognitive impairment : a controlled 3-parallel-arm study. CNS Spectrums, ISSN (print) 1092-8529 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Satchell, Jessica, Craston, Tabitha, Drennan, Vari, Billings, Jo and Serfaty, Marc (2022) Psychological distress and interventions for older victims of crime : a systematic review. Trauma, Violence, & Abuse, ISSN (print) 1524-8380 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Scerri, Josianne and Bonnici, Amy (2022) Navigating the storm to recovery through the pictorial representations of persons in the recovery phase from unipolar depression. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19(20), p. 13426. ISSN (print) 1660-4601

Shoshina, Irina I., Oliveira, Milena E., Silva, Gabriella M., Negreiros, Nathalia S., Felisberti, Fatima M., Fernandes, Thiago P. and Santos, Natanael A. (2022) Facial processing in bipolar disorder is mediated by clinical and biological aspects. Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry, ISSN (print) 1809-452X (Epub Ahead of Print)

Silva, Gabriella M., Fernandes, Thiago P., Felisberti, Fatima M., Oliveira, Milena E., Almeida, Natalia L., Souto, Jandirlly J. and Santos, Natanael A. (2022) Heavy and light smokers have slight differences in chromatic discrimination. Journal of Addictive Diseases, 40(2), pp. 151-156. ISSN (print) 1055-0887

Sparks, Brandon, Zidenberg, Alexandra M. and Olver, Mark E. (2022) Involuntary celibacy : a review of incel ideology and experiences with dating, rejection, and associated mental health and emotional sequelae. Current Psychiatry Reports, ISSN (print) 1523-3812 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Vyas, Nora S., Burke, Lisa, Netherwood, Siobhan, Caviston, Paul, Simic, Mima and Buchsbaum, Monte S. (2022) Neurocognitive profile of adolescents with early-onset schizophrenia and their unaffected siblings. The World Journal of Biological Psychiatry, ISSN (print) 1562-2975 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Zaninotto, Francesca, Bossi, Francesco, Terry, Philip, Riccaboni, Massimo and Galli, Giulia (2022) The evolution of psychological and behavioral consequences of self-isolation during lockdown : a longitudinal study across United Kingdom and Italy. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 13, p. 826277. ISSN (online) 1664-0640

Book Section

Younes, Salma N., Al-Jurf, Rana, Hammuda, Sara, Nasrallah, Gheyath K., Al-Jurf, Amal, Ziyada, Ayah, Abdulrouf, Palli Valapila, Qoronfleh, M. Walid, Samara, Muthanna and Al-Dewik, Nader (2022) Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder : genetic, pharmacogenetic, and metabolomic insights. In: Qoronfleh, M. Walid , Essa, Musthafa Mohamed and Chidambaram, Saravana Babu, (eds.) Proteins associated with neurodevelopmental disorders. Singapore : Springer Singapore. pp. 135-189. (Nutritional Neurosciences) ISSN (print) 2730-6712 ISBN 9789811597800

Younes, Salma N., Al-Jurf, Rana, Hammuda, Sara, Nasrallah, Gheyath K., Zayed, Hatem, Qoronfleh, M. Walid, Ismail, Mohamed A., Farrell, Tom, Al-Rifai, Hilal, Samara, Muthanna and Al-Dewik, Nader (2022) Principal molecular pathways affected in autism spectrum disorder. In: Qoronfleh, M. Walid , Essa, Musthafa Mohamed and Chidambaram, Saravana Babu, (eds.) Proteins associated with neurodevelopmental disorders. Singapore : Springer Singapore. pp. 1-47. (Nutritional Neurosciences) ISSN (print) 2730-6712 ISBN 9789811597800

Conference or Workshop Item

Pavey, Louisa (2022) Moral obligation, autonomous motivation, and COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy: Highlighting moral obligation increases reactance in hesitant individuals. In: Division of Health Psychology Annual Conference; 28th-29th June 2022, Bristol, England. (Unpublished)

Sturdee, Miriam, Lewis, Makayla and Miers, John (2022) Do humans dream of digital devices? Subconscious user experiences and narratives. In: Creativity & Cognition 2022; 20-23 Jun 2022, Venice, Italy.

Walla, Peter, Leybourne, Robin and Pavlevchev, Samuil (2022) Our brain reads, while we can’t : EEG reveals word-specific brain activity in the absence of word recognition. In: NeuroIS Retreat 2022; 14-16 Jun 2022, Vienna, Austria. ISSN (print) 2195-4968

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