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Agnoletto, Stefano (2013) Building an economic ethic niche. Italian immigrants in the Toronto construction industry (1950s - 1970s), a case study. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .


Beck, Peter (2013) 'War minus the shooting': George Orwell on international sport and the Olympics. Sport in History, 33(1), pp. 72-94. ISSN (print) 1746-0263


Carey, Brycchan (2013) From peace to freedom: Quaker rhetoric and the birth of American antislavery 1657-1761. In: British Group in Early American History Annual Meeting 2013 “Conflict-Resolution-Conflict”; 05 - 07 Sep 2013, Norwich, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Carey, Brycchan (2013) To force a tear: British abolitionism and the eighteenth-century London stage. In: Ahern, Stephen, (ed.) Affect and abolition in the Anglo-Atlantic, 1770-1830. Farnham, U.K. : Ashgate Publishing. pp. 109-128. ISBN 9781409455615


Davis, John R. [Compiler] and Morrell, Emily [Compiler] (2013) Grants for history 2013: a guide to funding. London, U.K. : University of London Institute of Historical Research. ISBN 9781905165841

Davis, John R. [Compiler], Holman, Zoe [Compiler] and McTaggart, Maureen [Compiler] (2013) Grants for history 2014: a guide to funding. London, U.K. : Institute of Historical Research. 158p. ISBN 9781905165957

Dodsworth, Francis (2013) Habit, the criminal body and the body politic in England, c. 1700-1800. Body & Society, 19(2-3), pp. 83-106. ISSN (print) 1357-034X

Dodsworth, Francis, Vacchelli, Elena and Watson, Sophie (2013) Shifting religions and cultures in London’s East End. Material Religion, 9(1), pp. 86-112. ISSN (print) 1743-2200

Durston, Gregory J. (2013) Wicked ladies: provincial women, crime and the eighteenth-century English justice system. Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K. : Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 333p. ISBN 9781443842693


Goldsworthy, Vesna (2013) Yugoslavia: a defeated argument? In: Gorup, Radmila, (ed.) After Yugoslavia: the cultural spaces of a vanished land. Stanford, California : Stanford University Press. pp. 38-52. ISBN 9780804784023

Goldsworthy, Vesna (2013) An introduction to the new edition: Ruritania returns. In: Goldsworthy, Vesna, (ed.) Inventing Ruritania: the imperialism of the imagination. Revised and updated edition. London, U.K. : Columbia University Press. pp. ix-xxiv. ISBN 9780231704236

Grieves, Keith [Reviewer] (2013) Book reviews: Kate Tiller, Remembrance and Community: War Memorials and Local History. Family and Community History, 16(2), pp. 153-154. ISSN (print) 1463-1180


Hakim, Lina (2013) Instruments as Playthings : an alternative methodology for the study of scientific artefacts = Pristroje jako hracky : alternativni metodologie vyzkumu vedeckych artefaktu. Teorie Vedy/Theory of Science, 35(2), pp. 197-226. ISSN (print) 1210-0250

Hawkins, Sue and Tanner, Andrea (2013) Myth, marketing and medicine: Life in British children’s hospitals 1850-1914. In: Abreu, Laurinda and Sheard, Sally, (eds.) Hospital life: Theory and practice from the medieval to the modern. Bern, Switzerland : Peter Lang. pp. 209-236. ISBN 9783034308847

Herron, Michael Francis (2013) Denial of the Armenian genocide in American and French politics. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .

Hewer, C.J. (2013) The Falkland/Malvinas dispute: a contemporary battle between history and memory. Global Discourse: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Current Affairs and Applied Contemporary Thought, 3(1), pp. 144-150. ISSN (print) 2326-9995

Howarth, Anita (2013) Newspaper campaigning in Britain in the late 1990s. In: Howley, K., (ed.) Media Intervention. New York, U.S.A. : Peter Lang. pp. 37-54. ISBN 9781433112119


Kelly, Mary (2013) Imaginative geographies, family histories, the Irish past and postcolonial present. In: History, postcolonialism and tradition: The Postcolonial Studies Association conference 2013; 12 - 13 Sep 2013, Kingston Upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Linton, David (2013) New insecurities, new form, new identity - national identity and raciologies in Eightpence A Mile (1913). Studies in Musical Theatre, 7(1), pp. 9-22. ISSN (print) 1750-3159

Linton, Marisa (2013) Choosing terror: virtue, friendship and authenticity in the French Revolution. Oxford, U.K. : Oxford University Press. 323p. ISBN 9780199576302

Linton, Marisa (2013) Robespierre and Revolutionary authenticity. Annales Historiques De La Revolution Francaise(371), pp. 153-173. ISSN (print) 0003-4436

Linton, Marisa (2013) Robespierre et l'authenticite revolutionnaire. Annales Historiques de la Revolution Francaise(371), pp. 153-173. ISSN (print) 0003-4436

Linton, Marisa (2013) Robespierre: authenticity and terror in revolutionary politics. In: Centre for Eighteenth-Century Studies Research Seminar; January 2013, York, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Linton, Marisa (2013) Robespierre: the French Revolution's Man of Terror. BBC History magazine, pp. 44-48. ISSN (print) 1469-8552

Linton, Marisa (2013) Virtue or glory? Political leadership and heroism in the French Revolution. In: Research Seminar on 'Heroism'; 6 February 2013, Freiburg, Germany. (Unpublished)

Linton, Marisa (2013) What can we learn from the French Revolution?

Linton, Marisa (2013) Women as spectators and participants in the French Revolution. Groniek: Gronings historisch tijdschrift(197), pp. 405-417. ISSN (print) 0169-2801

Linton, Marisa (2013) The enemy within: Jacobin ideology and the politicians' terror. In: The Society for French Historical Studies 59th Annual Meeting; 4 -7 Apr 2013, Cambridge, MA. (Unpublished)

Linton, Marisa (2013) The stuff of nightmares: plots, assassinations and duplicity in the mental world of the Jacobin leaders, 1793-1794. In: Andress, David, (ed.) Experiencing the French Revolution. Oxford, U.K. : Voltaire Foundation. pp. 201-217. (Studies in Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century) ISBN 9780729410663


May, Anthony (2013) The depiction of the Miami Showband Massacre in Eoin McNamee's 'The Ultras'. In: History, postcolonialism and tradition: The Postcolonial Studies Association conference 2013; 12 - 13 Sep 2013, Kingston Upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Nuttall, Jeremy (2013) Pluralism, the people, and time in Labour party history, 1931-1964. The Historical Journal, 56(3), pp. 729-756. ISSN (print) 0018-246X


O'Sullivan, Shane [Director] (2013) Killing Oswald. (Documentary).


Phillips, Nicola (2013) A case study of the impact of wealth on the criminal justice system in early nineteenth-century England. Crime, History & Societies/ Crime, Histoire & Sociétés, 17(1), pp. 29-52. ISSN (print) 1422-0857

Phillips, Nicola (2013) The profligate son: or, a true story of family conflict, fashionable vice, and financial ruin in Regency England. Oxford, U.K. : Oxford University Press. 352p. ISBN 9780199687534


Spencer, Philip and Di Palma, Sara Valentina (2013) Antisemitism and the politics of Holocaust Memorial Day in the UK and Italy. In: Jikeli, Günther and Allouche-Benayoun, Joëlle, (eds.) Perceptions of the Holocaust in Europe and muslim communities. Dordrecht : Springer Verlag. pp. 71-83. (Muslims in Global Societies Series, 5) ISBN 9789400753075


Townend, Dan (2013) Meeting the enemy: tales of extraordinary camaraderie between British and German soldiers. Express,

Tribe, John (2013) The Cleo Conundrum: financing the cost of personal insolvency relief with particular historical reference to bankruptcy revenue stamps. In: Society of Legal Scholars (SLS) Annual Conference 2013: Tis 40 Years Since: Britain and Ireland in Europe, Europe in Britain and Ireland; 3-6 Sep 2013, Edinburgh, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Tribe, John (2013) Discharge in bankruptcy: an examination of personal insolvency's fresh start function in English law: part three. Insolvency Intelligence, 26(1), pp. 1-7. ISSN (print) 0950-2645


Upstone, Sara (2013) Past is future: Utopian diasporic histories in contemporary British fiction. In: History, postcolonialism and tradition: The Postcolonial Studies Association conference 2013; 12 - 13 Sep 2013, Kingston Upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Wasley, Gerald David (2013) The civil defence of Kingston upon Thames and its districts during the Second World War. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .

Woodbridge, Steven (2013) Book review of: 'Defining Democracy: Electoral Reform and the Struggle for Power in New York City' by Daniel Prosterman (2013). e-Extreme, Electronic Newsletter of the ECPR Standing Group on Extremism and Democracy, 14(4), pp. 8-10.

Woodbridge, Steven (2013) Extremely Nazi: the ideology and networking activities of a British extreme right 'umbrella' group. In: The British Far Right in Transition; 28 Jun 2013, Northampton, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Woodbridge, Steven (2013) Rebellion revisited? Sunbury National Citizens Union, 1928-1931. Journal of the Sunbury and Shepperton Local History Society(71), pp. 11-15. ISSN (print) 0140-1114

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