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Beccaluva, L., Azzouni-Sekkal, A., Benhallou, A., Bianchini, G., Ellam, R. M., Marzola, M, Siena, F and Stuart, F.M. (2007) Intracratonic asthenosphere upwelling and lithosphere rejuvenation beneath the Hoggar swell (Algeria): evidence from HIMU metasomatised lherzolite mantle xenoliths. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 260(3-4), pp. 482-494. ISSN (print) 0012-821X

Beeskow, Bettina (2007) The occurrence, distribution and orgin of hydrocarbons in the Khibiny Nepheline Syenite Complex, Kola Peninsula, Russia. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .

Bender, B., Hamilton, S., Tilley, C., Anderson, E. [Contributor], Harrison, S. [Contributor], Herring, P. [Contributor], Waller, M. [Contributor], Williams, T. [Contributor] and Wilmore, M. [Contributor] (2007) Stone Worlds: Narrative and Reflexivity in Landscape Archaeology. California, USA : Left Coast Press. (Publications of the Institute of Archaeology University College London Publications of the Institute of Archaeology University College London) ISBN 9781598742183

Bromhead, Edward and Ibsen, Maia-Laura (2007) Folkestone Warren landslides and the impact of the past rainfall record. In: International Conference on Landslides and Climate Change; 21-24 May 2007, Ventnor, U.K..

Bryan, Scott E., Ferrari, Luca, Reiners, Peter W., Allen, Charlotte M., Petrone, Chiara, Ramos-Rosique, Aldo and Campbell, Ian H. (2007) New insights into crustal contributions to large volume rhyolite generation at the mid-Tertiary Sierra Madre Occidental Province, Mexico, revealed by U-Pb geochronology. Journal of Petrology, 49(1), pp. 47-77. ISSN (print) 0022-3530

Bryan, Scott E. (2007) Silicic Large Igneous Provinces. Episodes, 30(1), pp. 20-31. ISSN (print) 0705-3797


Clausen, A. (2007) Disparate geographies of labour: the Philippines in times of globalisation. Geographica Helvetica, 2, pp. 113-122. ISSN (print) 0016-7312

Clemens, J. D., Helps, P. A. and Stevens, G. (2007) Chemical structure in granitic magmas - a signal from the source? In: Sixth Hutton Symposium on the Origin of Granites and Related Rocks; 2-6 Jul 2007, Stellenbosch, South Africa. (Unpublished)

Cook, Hadrian and Williamson, Tom, eds. (2007) Water Meadows: History, Ecology and Conservation. Bollington, U.K. : Windgather Press. 152p. ISBN 9781905119127

Crockett, R.G.M., Gillmore, G.K., Phillips, P.S. and Gilbertson, D.D. (2007) Reply to comment by Elizabeth S. Cochran and John E. Vidale on 'Tidal synchronicity of the 26 December 2004 Sumatran earthquake and its aftershock'. Geophysical Research Letters, 34, L04303. ISSN (print) 0094-8276


Denman, A.R., Crockett, R.G.M., Groves-Kirkby, C.J., Phillips, P.S., Gillmore, G.K. and Woolridge, A.C. (2007) The value of Seasonal Correction Factors in assessing the health risk from domestic radon - a case study in Northamptonshire, UK. Environment International, 33(1), pp. 34-44. ISSN (print) 0160-4120


Ferrari, L., Valencia-Moreno, M. and Bryan, S. (2007) Magmatism and tectonics of the Sierra Madre Occidental and its relation with the evolution of the western margin of North America. In: Alaniz-Álvarez, Susana A. and Nieto-Samaniego, Ángel F., (eds.) Geology of Mexico: celebrating the centenary of the Geological Society of Mexico. Boulder, Col., USA : Geological Society of America. pp. 1-39. (Geological Society of America special papers, (422)) ISBN 9780813724225


Gillmore, G.K., Coningham, R.A.E., Young, R., Fazeli, H., Rushworth, G., Donahue, R. and Batt, C.M. (2007) Holocene Alluvial Sediments of the Tehran Plain: Sedimentation and Archaeological Site Visibility. In: Wilson, Lucy , Dickinson, Pam and Jeandron, Jason, (eds.) Reconstructing Human-Landscape Interactions. Newcastle, UK : Cambridge Scholars Publishing. pp. 37-67. ISBN 9781847181886

Gillmore, G.K., Coningham, R.A.E., Fazeli, H, Young, R.L., Magshoudi, M, Batt, C.M. and Rushworth, G (2007) Irrigation on the Tehran Plain, Iran: Tepe Pardis - The site of a possible Neolithic irrigation feature? In: 2nd Developing International Geoarchaeology Conference; 19-21 Apr 2007, Cambridge, U.K.. ISSN (print) 0341-8162

Goddard, Mark (2007) From despair to where: can deep ecology provide a religious meaning to life? (MA(R) thesis), Kingston University, .

Goldsmith, Paul Christian (2007) Remote sensing the radionuclide contaminated Belarusian landscape : predicting [sup]137 Cs content in 'Pinus sylvestris'. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .


Hooda, Peter and Henry, Jeya (2007) Geophagia and human nutrition. In: MacClancy, Jeremy , Henry, Jeya and Macbeth, Helen, (eds.) Consuming the inedible: neglected dimensions of food choice. Berghahn Books. pp. 89-98. (Anthropology of food and nutrition, 6) ISBN 9781845453534


Long, Antony J., Waller, Martyn P. and Plater, Andrew J. (2007) Dungeness and the Romney Marsh: barrier dynamics and marshland evolution. Oxford, U.K. : Oxbow Books. 240p. ISBN 9781842172889


Robinson, Guy M. (2007) Rural transformations in Western Europe: an overview. In: Singh, Anha Lakshmi, (ed.) Rural environmental management. Delhi, India : B.R. Publishing Corp. pp. 39-57. ISBN 9788176466257


Smith, M.J. (2007) Editorial: summary of activities 2004-2007. Journal of Maps, pp. 368-376. ISSN (online) 1744-5647


Taylor, G.K., Grocott, J., Dashwood, B., Gipson, M. and Arevalo, C. (2007) Implications for crustal rotation and tectonic evolution in the central Andes fore arc: New paleomagnetic results from the Copiapo region of northern Chile, 26 degrees-28 degrees S. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 112(B1), B01102. ISSN (print) 2169-9313


Waller, Martyn P., Street-Perrott, F. Alayne and Wang, Hongya (2007) Holocene vegetation history of the Sahel: pollen, sedimentological and geochemical data from Jikariya Lake, north-eastern Nigeria. Journal Of Biogeography, 34(9), pp. 1575-1590. ISSN (print) 0305-0270

Waller, Martyn P. and Schofield, J. Edward (2007) Mid to late Holocene vegetation and land use history in the Weald of south-eastern England: multiple pollen profiles from the Rye area. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, 16(5), pp. 367-384. ISSN (print) 0939-6314

Watkins, J. M, Clemens, J. D and Treolar, P.J. (2007) Archaean TTGs as sources of younger granitic magmas: melting of sodic metatonalites at 0.6 to 1.2 GPa. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 154(1), pp. 91-110. ISSN (print) 0010-7999

Westgarth-Smith, Angus R., Leroy, Suzanne A.G., Collins, Philip E.F. and Harrington, Richard (2007) Temporal variations in English populations of a forest insect pest, the green spruce aphid ('Elatobium abietinum'), associated with the North Atlantic Oscillation and global warming. Quaternary International, 173-4, pp. 153-160. ISSN (print) 1040-6182


Xiao, L. and Clemens, J.D. (2007) Origin of potassic (C-type) adakite magmas: Experimental and field constraints. Lithos, 95(3-4), pp. 399-414. ISSN (print) 0024-4937


Yang, Handong, Linge, Kathryn and Rose, Neil (2007) The Pb pollution fingerprint at Lochnagar: The historical record and current status of Pb isotopes. Environmental Pollution, 145(3), pp. 723-729. ISSN (print) 0269-7491

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