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Abramov, Viacheslav M., Kulikova, Natalia L., Khlebnikov, Valentin S., Vasiliev, Anatoly M., Karlyshev, Andrey V., Kosarev, Igor V., Vasilenko, Raisa N., Tokhtamysheva, Natalia V., Sakulin, Vadim K., Evstigneev, Valentin I. and Uversky, Vladimir N. (2004) Large variety of Yersinia pestis adhesins. In: Cytokines in Cancer and Immunity: Joint Meeting of the International Cytokine Society and the International Society for Interferon and Cytokine Research; 21-25 Oct, 2004, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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Bundy, Rafe, Walker, Ann F., Middleton, Richard W., Marakis, Georgios and Booth, Jonathan C.L. (2004) Artichoke leaf extract reduces symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and improves quality of life in otherwise healthy volunteers suffering from concomitant dyspepsia: a subset analysis. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 10(4), pp. 667-669. ISSN (print) 1075-5535

Bundy, Rafe, Walker, Ann F., Middleton, Richard W. and Booth, Jonathan (2004) Turmeric extract may improve irritable bowel syndrome symptomology in otherwise healthy adults: a pilot study. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 10(6), pp. 1015-1018. ISSN (print) 1075-5535


Chandrashekran, Anil, Gordon, Myrtle Y., Darling, David, Farzaneh, Farzin and Casimir, Colin (2004) Growth factor displayed on the surface of retroviral particles without manipulation of envelope proteins is biologically active and can enhance transduction. Journal of Gene Medicine, 6(11), pp. 1189-1196. ISSN (print) 1099-498X

Chandrashekran, Anil, Gordon, Myrtle Y. and Casimir, Colin (2004) Targeted retroviral transduction of c-kit[sup]+ hematopoietic cells using novel ligand display technology. Blood, 104(9), pp. 2697-2703. ISSN (print) 0006-4971

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Rigos, G., Tyrpeno, Tyrpenou, Nengas, I., Alexis, A.E.M., Athanassopoulou, F. and Troisi, G.M. (2004) Poor bioavailability of oxytetracycline in sharpsnout sea bream Diplodus puntazzo. Aquaculture, 235(1-4), pp. 489-497. ISSN (print) 0044-8486


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Vasiliev, Anatoly M., Khlebnikov, Valentin S., Kulikova, Natalya L., Tereshin, Sergey N., Potekhin, Sergey A., Vasilenko, Raisa N., Kosarev, Igor V., Karlyshev, Andrey V., Uversky, Vladimir N., Scherbakov, Grigory Ya. and Abramov, Viacheslav M. (2004) A cooperative structure of Yersinia pestis LcrV bacteriokine. In: Cytokines in Cancer and Immunity: Joint Meeting of the International Cytokine Society and the International Society for Interferon and Cytokine Research; 21-25 Oct, 2004, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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