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Ball, S.J. and Daszak, P. (1995) Description of the oocysts of theree new species of 'Eimeria' (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) from geckoes (Auria: Gekkonidae). Systematic Parasitology, 32(2), pp. 101-106. ISSN (print) 0165-5752


Daszak, Peter and Cunningham, Andrew (1995) A report of intestinal sarcocystosis in the bullsnake (Pituophis melanoleucus sayi) and a re-evaluation of Sarcocystis sp. from snakes of the genus Pituophis. Journal of wildlife diseases, 31(3), pp. 400-403. ISSN (print) 0090-3558

Davies, A.J. (1995) Studies on the gut flora of the haematophagous fish parasite Gnathia maxillaris Montagu. Bulletin of the European Association of Fish Pathologists, 15(1), pp. 32-35. ISSN (print) 0108-0288

Davies, A.J. (1995) The biology of fish haemogregarines. Advances in Parasitology, 36, pp. 117-203. ISSN (print) 0065-308X

Davies, AJ, Mastri, C, Thorborn, DE and Mackintosh, D (1995) Experiments with growth of the eel trypanosome, Trypanosoma granulosum Laveran & Mesnil, 1902, in semi-defined and defined media. Journal of Fish Diseases, 18(6), pp. 599-608. ISSN (print) 0140-7775

Drozdov, I G, Anisimov, A P, Samoilova, S V, Yezhov, I N, Yeremin, S A, Karlyshev, A V, Krasilnikova, V M and Kravchenko, V I (1995) Virulent non-capsulate Yersinia pestis variants constructed by insertion mutagenesis. Journal of medical microbiology, 42(4), pp. 264-268. ISSN (print) 0022-2615


Eiras, J.C., Ranzani-Paiva, M.J.T. and Davies, A.J. (1995) Observations on Haemogregarina mugili (Apicomplexa) and Trypanosoma froesi (Sarcmastigophora) from the blood of Mugil platanus Gunther, 1880 (Pisces: mugilidae) in Brazil. Research and Reviews in Parasitology, 55(3), pp. 173-176. ISSN (print) 1133-8466


Foot, P.J.S., Montgomery, V. and Spearman, P. (1995) Electrochromic polyquinoxaline oligomers. Materials Science Forum, 191, pp. 251-256. ISSN (print) 1662-9752

Foot, PJS, Montgomery, Vincent and Spearman, Peter (1995) Electrochromic polyquinoxaline oligomers. In: New Materials: Conjugated Double Bond Systems: Proceedings of the 5th International Autumn School; 26-30 Sept 1994, Warsaw, Poland. ISBN 9780878496952


Gaymes, Terry, Carrett, Neil, Patel, Nishith, Kay, John and Siemion, Iggy (1995) Effects of cyclolinopeptide A on T lymphocyte activation and peptidyl prolyl isomerase activity. In: Biochemical Society Transactions 656th Meeting; 11 - 15 Sep 1995, Dublin, Ireland. (Unpublished)


Haywood, R, Claxson, A, Hawkes, J, Richardson, D, Naughton, Declan, Coumbarides, G, Hawkes, J, Lynch, E and Grootveld, M (1995) Detection of aldehydes and their conjugated hydroperoxydiene precursors in thermally-stressed culinary oils and fats: investigations using high resolution proton NMR spectroscopy. Free Radical Research, 22(5), pp. 441-482. ISSN (print) 1071-5762


Karlyshev, A V and MacIntyre, S (1995) Cloning and study of the genetic organization of the exe gene cluster of Aeromonas salmonicida. Gene, 158(1), pp. 77-82. ISSN (print) 0378-1119

Koenders, M.A. and Wakeman, R.J. (1995) Radial flow dependence in filtration experiments. Chemical Engineering Science, 50(23), pp. 3777-3782. ISSN (print) 0009-2509


Lord, C. J., Bohlander, S. K., Hopes, E. A., Montague, C. T., Hill, N. J., Prins, J.-B., Peterson, L. B., Wicker, L. S., Todd, J. A. and Denny, P. (1995) Mapping of the diabetes polygene Idd3 on mouse Chromosome 3 using novel congenic strains. Mammalian Genome, 6(9), pp. 563-570. ISSN (print) 0938-8990


Naughton, Declan, Knappit, J, Blake, D, Fairburn, K, Gaffney, K and Grootveld, M (1995) Detection and investigation of the molecular nature of low-molecular-mass copper ions in isolated rheumatoid knee-joint synovial fluid. FEBS Letters, 361(2-3), pp. 167-172. ISSN (print) 0014-5793


Zav'yalov, V P, Chernovskaya, T V, Navolotskaya, E V, Karlyshev, A V, MacIntyre, S, Vasiliev, A M and Abramov, V M (1995) Specific high affinity binding of human interleukin 1 beta by Caf1A usher protein of Yersinia pestis. FEBS letters, 371(1), pp. 65-68. ISSN (print) 0014-5793

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