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Baker, Dawn, Roberts, Ron and Towell, Tony (2000) Factors predictive of bone mineral density in eating-disordered women : a longitudinal study. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 27(1), pp. 29-35. ISSN (print) 0276-3478

Brivati, Brian and Heffernan, Richard (2000) Introduction. In: Brivati, Brian and Heffernan, Richard, (eds.) The Labour Party: a centenary history. Basingstoke : Macmillan Press. pp. 1-7. ISBN 0333746503

Brivati, Brian and Heffernan, Richard, eds. (2000) The Labour Party: a centenary history. Basingstoke : Macmillan Press. 512p. ISBN 0333746503

Brivati, Brian (2000) Labour's litery dominance. In: Brivati, Brian and Heffernan, Richard, (eds.) The Labour Party: a centenary history. Basingstoke : Macmillan Press. pp. 485-502. ISBN 0333746503

Brivati, Brian (2000) 'The future Labour offered': industrial modernisation projects in the British Labour Party from Gaitskell to Blair. In: Brivati, Brian and Heffernan, Richard, (eds.) The Labour Party: a centenary history. Basingstoke : Macmillan Press. pp. 346-362. ISBN 0333746503


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Foster, D., Savage, C., Mannan, S. and Ruddock, K. (2000) Asymmetries of saccadic eye movements in oriented-line-target search. Vision Research, 40(1), pp. 65-70. ISSN (print) 0042-6989


Hawkins, Mike (2000) The foundations of fascism: the world views of Drieu la Rochelle. Journal of Political Ideologies, 5(3), pp. 321-341. ISSN (print) 1356-9317


Linton, Marisa (2000) Citizenship and religious toleration in France. In: Grell, Ole Peter and Porter, Roy, (eds.) Toleration in Enlightenment Europe. Cambridge, U.K. : Cambridge University Press. pp. 157-174. ISBN 9780521651967


Nikcevic, A.V., Kuczmierczyk, A.R., Tunkel, S.A. and Nicolaides, K.H. (2000) Distress after miscarriage: relation to the knowledge of the cause of pregnancy loss and coping style. Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, 18(4), pp. 339-343. ISSN (print) 0264-6838


Pambakian, A., Wooding, D., Patel, N., Morland, A., Kennard, C. and Mannan, S. (2000) Scanning the visual world: a study of patients with homonymous hemianopia. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, 69(6), pp. 751-759. ISSN (print) 0022-3050

Peggs, Kay and Lampard, Richard (2000) (Ir)rational choice : a multidimensional approach to choice and constraint in decisions about marriage, divorce and remarriage. In: Archer, Margaret S and Tritter, Jonathan Q, (eds.) Rational choice theory : resisting colonization. London, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 93-110. (Critical Realism - Interventions) ISBN 041524272X

Phelan, Craig (2000) Grand Master Workman: Terence Powderly and the Knights of Labor. Westport, U.S.A. : Greenwood Press. 304p. ISBN 9780313309489


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Walker, R., Mannan, S., Maurer, D., Pambakian, A. and Kennard, C. (2000) The oculomotor distractor effect in normal and hemianopic vision. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B - Biological Sciences, 267(1442), pp. 431-438. ISSN (print) 0962-8452

Woodbridge, Steven (2000) Book Review of: 'Fascism in Britain: from Oswald Mosley's Blackshirts to the National Front', by Richard Thurlow. e-Extreme, 1(4),

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