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Adjali, H., Davies, M., Rees, R.W. and Littler, J. (1999) The testing of a numerical model's ability to simulate heat transfer from slab-on-grade floors and the implication for low-energy design. In: Proceedings of the National Passive Solar Conference 1999; 12 -16 Jun 1999, Portland, U.S.A.. ISBN 9780895531711

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Bromhead, E.N., Harris, A.J. and Watson, P.D.J. (1999) Influence of pore water pressures in partly submerged slopes on the critical pool level. In: International Symposium on Slope Stability Engineering (IS-SHIKOKU 99); 8-11 Nov 1999, Matsuyama, Japan.

Bromhead, Edward, Harris, Andrew and Ibsen, Maia-Laura (1999) Statistical variability of ring shear test results on a shear zone in London Clay. In: International Symposium on Slope Stability Engineering (IS-SHIKOKU 99); 8-11 Nov 1999, Matsuyama, Japan.


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Giaccone, PR, Jones, GA, Minelly, S and Curley, AJ (1999) Motion-compensated multichannel noise reduction of colour film sequences. Journal of Electronic Imaging, 8(3), pp. 246-254. ISSN (online) 1017-9909

Grant, RJ and Smart, J (1999) Crack growth in pin-loaded tubes: part 1: numerical analysis. The Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design, 34(4), pp. 253-269. ISSN (print) 0309-3247

Grant, RJ and Smart, J (1999) Crack growth in pin-loaded tubes: part 2: comparison of experimental data with numerical results. The Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design, 34(4), pp. 271-284. ISSN (print) 0309-3247


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Sabir, H.M., Eames, I.W. and Suen, K.O. (1999) The effect of non-condensable gases on the performance of film absorbers in vapour absorption systems. Applied Thermal Engineering, 19(5), pp. 531-541. ISSN (print) 1359-4311


Zhang, T., Evans, J.R.G. and Bevis, M. (1999) Relaxation patterns in powder injection mouldings made with repeated flow reversals. Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 19(4), pp. 411-417. ISSN (print) 0955-2219

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