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Cavojova, Vladimira, Sirota, Miroslav and Belovicova, Zuzana (2012) Slovak validation of the Basic Empathy Scale in pre-adolescents. Studia Psychologica, 54(3), pp. 195-208. ISSN (print) 0039-3320

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Coyle, Adrian (2012) The relationship between Adomnan of Iona's ' Life of St Columba ' and Celtic Christianity/spirituality. Journal for the Study of Spirituality, 2(1), pp. 77-90. ISSN (print) 2044-0243

Dodsworth, Francis and Watson, Sophie (2012) Into unorthodox London: the religious ethnography of Charles Maurice Davies. Victorian Literature and Culture, 40(2), pp. 487-508. ISSN (print) 1060-1503

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Gilhooly, Kenneth J., Georgiou, George J., Garrison, Jane, Reston, Jon D. and Sirota, Miroslav (2012) Don't wait to incubate: immediate versus delayed incubation in divergent thinking. Memory & Cognition, 40(6), pp. 966-975. ISSN (print) 0090-502X

Locke, Simon (2012) Constructing a sociology of comics. Comics Forum,

Locke, Simon (2012) 'Fanboy' as a revolutionary category. Participations, 9(2), pp. 835-854. ISSN (online) 1749-8716

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Reimer-Kirkham, Sheryl, Sharma, Sonya, Pesut, Barb, Sawatzky, Rick and Meyerhoff, Heather (2012) Sacred spaces in public places: religious and spiritual plurality in health care. Nursing Inquiry, 19(3), pp. 202-212. ISSN (print) 1320-7881

Rindzeviciute, Egle (2012) Post-Soviet transformation of Lithuanian state cultural policy: the meanings of democratisation. The International Journal of Cultural Policy, 18(5), pp. 563-578. ISSN (print) 1028-6632

Roberts, Ron (2012) A moral abyss? Psychologist, 25(11), pp. 800-801. ISSN (print) 0952-8229

Sharma, Sonya (2012) Exploring acts of agency within Christian women's sexuality. Fieldwork in Religion, 7(2), pp. 134-147. ISSN (print) 1743-0615

Sharma, Sonya (2012) 'The church is ... my family': exploring the interrelationship between familial and religious practices and spaces. Environment and Planning A, 44(4), pp. 816-831. ISSN (print) 0308-518X

Silvestri, Marisa (2012) Book review of: 'Women, crime and social harm: towards a criminology for the global era' edited by M. Cain & A. Howe. The Howard Journal Of Criminal Justice, 51(5), pp. 544-545. ISSN (print) 0265-5527

Theobald, Delphine and Farrington, David P. (2012) Child and adolescent predictors of male intimate partner violence. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 53(12), pp. 1242-1249. ISSN (print) 0021-9630


Peggs, Kay (2012) Animals and sociology. Basingstoke, U.K. : Palgrave Macmillan. 177p. (Palgrave Macmillan Animal Ethics Series) ISBN 9780230292574

Book Section

Dodsworth, Francis (2012) Men on a mission: masculinity, violence and the self-presentation of policemen in England, c. 1870-1914. In: Barrie, David G. and Broomhall, Susan, (eds.) A history of police and masculinities, 1700-2010. Oxford, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 123-140. ISBN 9780415696616

Dodsworth, Francis (2012) Shaping the city, shaping the subject: honour, affect and agency in John Gwynn’s London and Westminster improved (1766). In: O'Brien, Gillian and O'Kane, Finola, (eds.) Portraits of the City: Dublin and the Wider World. Dublin, Ireland : Four Courts Press. pp. 76-90. ISBN 9781846823466

Heidensohn, Frances and Silvestri, Marisa (2012) Gender and crime. In: Maguire, M. , Morgan, R. and Reiner, R., (eds.) Oxford Handbook of Criminology. 5th ed. Oxford, U.K. : Oxford University Press. pp. 336-369. ISBN 9780199590278

Reimer-Kirkham, Sheryl and Sharma, Sonya (2012) Intersectional analyses of religion, culture, ethics, and nursing. In: Fowler, Marsha D. , Reimer-Kirkham, Sheryl , Sawatzy, Richard and Johnston-Taylor, Elizabeth, (eds.) Religion, Religious Ethics, and Nursing. New York : Springer. pp. 113-128. ISBN 9780826106636

Rindzeviciute, Egle (2012) Hegemony or legitimacy? Assembling Soviet deportations in Lithuanian museums. In: Davoliute, Violeta and Balkelis, Tomas, (eds.) Maps of memory: trauma, identity and exile in deportation memoirs from the Baltic States. Vilnius, Lithuania : Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore. pp. 153-177. ISBN 9786094250897

Sharma, Sonya, Reimer-Kirkham, Sheryl and Fowler, Marsha D. (2012) Emergent nonreligious spiritualities. In: Fowler, Marsha D. , Reimer-Kirkham, Sheryl , Sawatzy, Richard and Johnston-Taylor, Elizabeth, (eds.) Religion, Religious Ethics, and Nursing. New York, U.S.A. : Springer. pp. 295-312. ISBN 9780826106636

Silvestri, Marisa (2012) Managerial masculinity: an insight into the twenty-first century police leader. In: Barrie, D.G. and Broomhall, S., (eds.) A history of police and masculinities, 1700-2010. Abingdon, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 235-254. ISBN 0415696615

Conference or Workshop Item

Back, E. and Apperly, I. (2012) Visual perspective-taking in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. In: British Psychological Society Developmental Section Annual Conference; 05 - 07 Sep 2012, Glasgow, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Lemonaki, Elena, Kessler, Thomas, Maio, Gregory R. and Manstead, Antony S. R. (2012) Dealing with ambivalent sexism : investigating the effect of hostile sexism on social competition. In: BPS Social Psychology Section Annual Conference : "Changing Social Psychology? Theory and Research in a Transforming World"; 21 - 23 Aug 2012, St Andrews, U.K.. (Unpublished)

O'Dwyer, Emma, Lyons, Evanthia and Cohrs, J. Christopher (2012) 'Constraint' and lay foreign policy decision making: the dilemmatic and functional nature of Irish neutrality. In: Annual Conference of the Social Psychology Section, British Psychological Society; 21-23 Aug 2012, St Andrews, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Pavey, Louisa and Churchill, Susan (2012) Promoting healthy dietary behaviour : the role of message framing and autonomy. In: 26th Conference of the European Health Psychology Society : Resiliance and health; 21-25 Aug 2012, Prague, Czech Republic. (Unpublished)

Samara, M.P., Smith, P., Davidson, J., Terry, P., Hamerton, C., Penson, M. and Al Jaber, M. (2012) Comparative study of cyberbullying in Qatar and the UK: risk factors, impact on health and solutions. In: Bullying and Cyberbullying: The Interface between Science and Practice; 19 Oct 2012, Vienna, Austria. (Unpublished)

Silvestri, Marisa (2012) Women, policing and representation. In: Independent Police Commision into the Future of Policing Workshop; 4 Oct 2012, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Van Herwegen, J., Smith, T. and Annaz, D. (2012) Theory of mind abilities in ASD : what can we learn from eye-movements? In: British Psychological Society Developmental Section Annual Conference; 05 - 07 Sep 2012, Glasgow, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Van Herwegen, J., Aznar, A. and Tenenbaum, H. (2012) The use of positive and negative emotions in Williams syndrome. In: British Psychological Society Developmental Section Annual Conference; 05 - 07 Sep 2012, Glasgow, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Aznar, Ana (2012) Parent-child emotional talk, parent-child physical touch, and children's understanding of emotions. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .

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