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Huq, Rupa (2009) A young concept in a new country: the institutionalization of the citizenship question in the UK and its generational impact. Young: Nordic journal of youth research, 17(4), pp. 443-455. ISSN (print) 1103-3088

Huq, Rupa (2008) Don’t sneer at suburbia. Juncture, 15(3), pp. 148-152. ISSN (print) 2050-5868

Huq, Rupa (2008) Youth culture and antiracism in new Britain: from the margins to the mainstream? International Journal of Sociology, 38(2), pp. 43-53. ISSN (print) 0020-7659

Huq, Rupa (2007) The sound of the suburbs. Soundings: a journal of politics and culture(37), pp. 35-44. ISSN (print) 1362-6620

Huq, Rupa (2003) From the margins to mainstream? Representations of British Asian youth musical cultural expression from bhangra to Asian underground music. Young: the Nordic Journal of Youth Research, 11(1), pp. 29-48. ISSN (print) 1103-3088

Huq, Rupa (2001) The French connection: francophone hip hop as an institution in contemporary postcolonial France. Taboo: the journal of culture and education, 5(2), pp. 69-84. ISSN (print) 1080-5400


Huq, Rupa (2013) Making sense of suburbia through popular culture. London, U.K. : Bloomsbury. 230p. ISBN 9781780932248

Huq, Rupa (2013) On the edge: the contested cultures of suburbia. London, U.K. : Lawrence & Wishart. 206p. ISBN 9781907103728

Huq, Rupa (2005) Beyond subculture: pop, youth and identity in a postcolonial world. London, UK : Routledge. 232p. ISBN 9780415278157

Book Section

Watt, Paul, Millington, Gareth and Huq, Rupa (2014) East London mobilities: the 'Cockney Diaspora' and the remaking of the Essex ethnoscape. In: Watt, Paul and Smets, Peer, (eds.) Mobilities and neighbourhood belonging in cities and suburbs. Basingstoke, U.K. : Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 121-144. ISBN 9781137003621

Huq, Rupa (2014) Politics, identity, representation and UK Asian suburban youth: voices from the margins. In: Buckingham, David , Bragg, Sara and Kehily, Mary Jane, (eds.) Youth cultures in the age of global media. Basingstoke, U.K. : Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 258-272. ISBN 9781137008145

Huq, Rupa (2011) Nation. In: Lesko, Nancy and Talburt, Susan, (eds.) Keywords in Youth Studies: Tracing Affects, Movements and Knowledges. Oxon, U.K. : Taylor and Francis. pp. 174-179. ISBN 9780415874120

Huq, Rupa (2008) The sound of the suburbs: the shaping of Englishness and the socio-cultural landscape after New Labour. In: Perryman, Mark, (ed.) Imagined nation: England after Britain. London : Lawrence and Wishart Limited. pp. 49-62. ISBN 9781905007738

Huq, Rupa (2007) Resistance or incorporation? Youth policy making and hip hop culture. In: Hodkinson, Paul and Deicke, Wolfgang, (eds.) Youth cultures: scenes, subcultures and tribes. Abingdon : Routledge. pp. 79-92. (Routledge advances in sociology) ISBN 9780415376129

Huq, Rupa (2006) Asian kool? bhangra and beyond. In: Bennett, Andy , Shank, Barry and Toynbee, Jason, (eds.) The popular music studies reader. London, UK : Routledge. pp. 201-207. ISBN 9780415307093

Huq, Rupa (2006) Capital gains: BrAsian suburban North-West London. In: Ali, N. , Kalra, V.S. and Sayyid, S., (eds.) A postcolonial people: South Asians in Britain. London, UK : Hurst & Co. pp. 305-314. ISBN 1850657971

Huq, Rupa (2006) European youth cultures in a post-colonial world: British Asian underground and French hip-hop music scenes. In: Nilan, Pam and Feixa, Carles, (eds.) Global youth? : hybrid identities, plural worlds. London, UK : Routledge. pp. 14-31. ISBN 041537071X

Huq, Rupa (2004) Urban unrest in northern England 2001: rhetoric and reality behind the 'race riots'. In: Lentin, Alana, (ed.) Learning from violence: the youth dimension. Strasbourg, France : Council of Europe Publishing. pp. 42-52. (Responses to violence in everyday life in a democratic society) ISBN 9789287153586

Huq, Rupa (2004) The uses of hip-hop culture. In: Titley, Gavan, (ed.) Resituating culture. Strasbourg, France : Council of Europe Publishing. pp. 187-198. ISBN 9287153965

Huq, Rupa (2003) Global youth cultures in localized spaces: the case of the UK new Asian dance music and French rap. In: Muggleton, David and Weinzierl, Rupert, (eds.) The post-subcultures reader. Oxford, U.K. : Berg. pp. 195-208. ISBN 1859736688

Huq, Rupa (2002) Raving, not drowning: authenticity, pleasure and politics in the electronic dance music scene. In: Hesmondhalgh, David and Negus, Keith, (eds.) Popular music studies. London, U.K. : Arnold. pp. 90-102. ISBN 0340762489

Huq, Rupa (2001) Rap a la francaise: hip hop as youth culture in contemporary post-colonial France. In: Furlong, Andy and Guidikova, Irena, (eds.) Transitions of youth citizenship in Europe: culture, subculture and identity. Strasbourg, France : Council of Europe. pp. 41-60. ISBN 9287144303

Conference or Workshop Item

Huq, Rupa (2006) "Currying in favour?" Blairism and the unravelling of the "Asian community". In: New Labour in power: ten years on; 11 Sep 2006, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Davidson, Julia [Research team head], Huq, Rupa [Research team member], Seetzen, Heidi [Research team member] and Grove-Hills, Julie [Research team member] (2010) Towards engaging with and understanding three BME communities in Kingston: identity, interaction, belonging and belief. (Project Report) Kingston upon Thames, U.K. : Kingston University. 82 p.

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