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Beck, Peter J. (2021) Book review of: Sport and the home Front : wartime Britain at play 1939–45. Sport in History, ISSN (print) 1746-0271 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Beck, Peter J. (2021) New 'auld enemies' on and off the field : British governments and the Italy–England games played in 1939 and 1948. Soccer & Society, 22(6), pp. 586-599. ISSN (print) 1743-9590

Beck, Peter (2017) Antarctica and the United Nations. In: Dodds, Klaus , Hemmings, Alan D. and Roberts, Peder, (eds.) Handbook on the Politics of Antarctica. Cheltenham, U.K. : Edward Elgar. pp. 255-268. ISBN 9781784717674

Beck, Peter J. (2016) Britain and Antarctica: keeping the economic dimension in its place. In: Fisher, John , Pedaliu, Effie G.H. and Smith, Richard, (eds.) The Foreign Office, Commerce and British Foreign Policy in the Twentieth Century. London, U.K. : Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 323-343. ISBN 9781137465801

Beck, Peter J. (2016) The War of the Worlds : from H.G. Wells to Orson Welles, Steven Spielberg, Jeff Wayne and beyond. London, U.K. : Bloomsbury Academic. 498p. ISBN 9781474229883

Beck, Peter J. (2015) For historians, even 'historians of a postmodernist kind', 'presentation' is the word. Rethinking History, 19(3), pp. 429-449. ISSN (print) 1364-2529

Beck, Peter (2013) 'War minus the shooting': George Orwell on international sport and the Olympics. Sport in History, 33(1), pp. 72-94. ISSN (print) 1746-0263

Beck, Peter (2012) Locked in a dusty cupboard, neither accessible on the policymakers' desks nor cleared for early publication: Llewellyn Woodward's official diplomatic history of the Second World War. English Historical Review, 127(529), pp. 1435-1470. ISSN (print) 0013-8266

Beck, Peter J. (2012) No longer "A Pole Apart": Antarctica 100 years on from Captain Scott. The Historian(114), pp. 16-21. ISSN (print) 0265-1076

Beck, Peter J. (2012) Britain And the Olympic Games: London 1908, 1948 and 2012. Journal of Sport History, 39(1), pp. 21-43. ISSN (print) 0094-1700

Beck, Peter J. (2012) Presenting history: past and present. Basingstoke, U.K. : Palgrave Macmillan. 351p. ISBN 9780230242081

Beck, Peter (2011) Book review of: 'History, historians, and conservatism in Britain and America: from the Great War to Thatcher and Reagan' by Reba N. Soffer. American Historical Review, 116(1), pp. 140-141. ISSN (print) 0002-8762

Beck, Peter (2011) Book review of: 'Spartak Moscow: a history of the people's team in the workers' state' by R. Edelman. History, 96(321), pp. 120-121. ISSN (print) 0018-2648

Beck, Peter J (2010) Book Review of: Diplomacy with a Difference: The Commonwealth Office of High Commissioner, 1880-2006. The English Historical Review, 125(513), pp. 484-485. ISSN (print) 0013-8266

Beck, Peter J. (2010) Fifty years on: putting the Antarctic Treaty into the history books. Polar Record, 46(01), pp. 4-7. ISSN (print) 0032-2474

Beck, Peter (2009) Antarctica: Keeping Conflict on Ice. History Today, 59(12), pp. 16-18. ISSN (print) 0018-2753

Beck, Peter (2009) Book review of: Before the eyes of the world: Mexico and the 1968 Olympic Games by Kevin B. Witherspoon. Journal of Contemporary History, 44(4), pp. 797-799. ISSN (print) 0022-0094

Beck, Peter J. (2009) History made horrible. History Today, 59(9), pp. 70-71. ISSN (print) 0018-2753

Beck, Peter J. (2009) 'The less said about Suez the better': British governments and the politics of Suez's history, 1956-67. The English Historical Review, cxxiv(508), pp. 605-640. ISSN (print) 0013-8266

Beck, Peter (2009) Book Review of: Iron Curtain: From Stage to Cold War by Patrick Wright. History, 94(313), pp. 131-132. ISSN (print) 0018-2648

Beck, Peter (2008) Honore Daumier's France 1830-1871: an artist's commentary. In: The Historical Association: Richmond and Twickenham branch meeting; 16 October 2008, Richmond upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Beck, Peter (2008) The British government and the Olympics, 1908-1948-2012: the historical dimension. In: Olympic City: London, Britain and the World 1908, 1948, 2012: Centre for Contemporary British History Summer Conference; 9-11 July 2008, London, UK. (Unpublished)

Beck, Peter (2008) Book Review of: Sport in the USSR: Physical culture - Visual culture by Mike O'Mahony. History, 93(311), pp. 450-451. ISSN (print) 0018-2648

Beck, Peter (2008) Book review of: Globalizing sport: national rivalry and international community in the 1930s by Barbara J. Keys. History, 93(310), pp. 302-303. ISSN (print) 0018-2648

Beck, Peter J. (2008) The British government and the Olympic movement: The 1948 London Olympics. International Journal of the History of Sport, 25(5), pp. 615-647. ISSN (print) 0952-3367

Beck, Peter (2008) Using the archives, 10: Special collections, archives and manuscripts : Southampton's archival collections. British International History Group Newsletter, 14, pp. 7-9.

Beck, Peter J. (2008) Pages of history: Daumier's political eye. History Today, 58(2), pp. 34-41. ISSN (print) 0018-2753

Beck, Peter J. (2008) Britain and the Suez crisis: the Abadan dimension. In: Smith, Simon C., (ed.) Reassessing Suez 1956: new perspectives on the crisis and its aftermath. Aldershot, U.K. : Ashgate. pp. 53-65. ISBN 0754661709

Beck, Peter (2007) Thinking and acting historically in the Treasury, 1957-1960. In: History and the Public; 12-14 Apr 2007, Swansea, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Beck, Peter (2007) Using the archives, 9: The Modern Records Centre and the BP Archive, University of Warwick. British International History Group Newsletter, 13, pp. 7-9.

Beck, Peter J. (2007) United Nations. In: Riffenburgh, Beau, (ed.) Encyclopedia of the Antarctic. London, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 1016-1017. 2 ISBN 0415970245

Beck, Peter J. (2006) History and policy at work in the Treasury, 1957-76. (Discussion Paper) London : History & Policy, Institute of Historical Research.

Beck, Peter (2006) World wars, world cups. BBC History magazine, 7(8), ISSN (print) 1469-8552

Beck, Peter (2006) "The less said about Suez the Better": British governments and looking back to Suez, 1956-70. In: Re-assessing Suez Fifty Years On; 26 Jul 2006, Hull, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Richardson, Mike and Beck, Peter [Contributor] (2006) John Arnfield Heap, CMG. Polar Record, 42(3), pp. 263-267. ISSN (print) 0032-2474

Beck, Peter J. (2006) The United Nations and Antarctica, 2005: the end of the 'Question of Antarctica'? Polar Record, 42(3), pp. 217-227. ISSN (print) 0032-2474

Beck, Peter J. (2006) The lessons of Abadan and Suez for British foreign policymakers in the 1960s. The Historical Journal, 49(2), pp. 525-547. ISSN (print) 0018-246X

Beck, Peter (2006) Learning from history in British foreign policy making in 1960s: the influence of the Abadan and Suez disputes. In: Institute of Historical Research seminar in Contemporary British History; 10 May 2006, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Beck, Peter (2006) Using the archives, 8: British Library of Political and Economic Science, London School of Economics (LSE). British International History Group Newsletter, 12, pp. 5-7.

Beck, Peter J. (2006) Im Schatten der Vergangenheit: Fussball in den britisch-deutschen Beziehungen. Historical Social Research, 31(1), pp. 109-133. ISSN (print) 0172-6404

Beck, Peter J. (2006) Using history, making British policy: the Treasury and the Foreign Office, 1950-76. Basingstoke, UK : Palgrave Macmillan. 310p. ISBN 1403947066

Beck, Peter (2005) Britain and the Cold War's "Cultural Olympics": responding to the political drive of Soviet sport, 1945-58. Contemporary British History, 19(2), pp. 169-185. ISSN (print) 1361-9462

Beck, Peter (2005) President George W Bush talks about history and his presidential library. British International History Group Newsletter, 11, pp. 4-5.

Beck, Peter (2005) Using the archives, 7: Special collections, University of Birmingham. British International History Group Newsletter, 11, pp. 9-11.

Beck, Peter (2004) From Munich to Suez and beyond via the 1951 Abadan crisis: taking British foreign policy forward by learning from the past. In: The British International History Group 16th Annual Conference; 9-11 Sep 2004, Norwich, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Beck, Peter J. (2004) Twenty years on: the UN and the 'Question of Antarctica', 1983-2003. Polar Record, 40(3), pp. 205-212. ISSN (print) 0032-2474

Beck, Peter (2004) From Cold War to goal war. BBC History magazine, 5(5), p. 22. ISSN (print) 1469-8552

Beck, Peter J. (2004) Antarctica. In: Calvert, Peter, (ed.) Border and territorial disputes of the world. 4th ed. London, U.K. : John Harper Publishing. pp. 123-152. ISBN 9780954381134

Beck, Peter J. (2004) 'The most effective means of communication in the modern world'?: British sport and national prestige. In: Levermore, Roger and Budd, Adrian, (eds.) Sport and international relations: an emerging relationship. London, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 77-92. (Sport in the global society) ISBN 0714682837

Beck, Peter J. (2003) Losing prestige on and off the field: England versus Hungary, 1953-54. Sport in History, 23(2), pp. 10-26. ISSN (print) 1746-0263

Beck, Peter (2003) Using the archives, 6: the National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office), Kew, London. British International History Group Newsletter, 10, pp. 3-11.

Beck, Peter (2003) Playing ball with the Soviet Union: British governments and footballing contacts with the Soviet Union, 1945-54. In: Britain and the culture of the Cold War; 12-13 Sep 2003, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Beck, Peter J. (2003) The United Nations and Antarctica, 2002: 'constructive engagement' between the Antarctic Treaty System and the United Nations. Polar Record, 39(3), pp. 231-238. ISSN (print) 0032-2474

Beck, Peter J. (2003) The relevance of the "irrelevant": football as a missing dimension in the study of British relations with Germany. International Affairs, 79(2), pp. 389-411. ISSN (print) 0020-5850

Beck, Peter J. (2003) Confronting George Orwell: Philip Noel-Baker on international sport, particularly the Olympic movement, as peacemaker. European Sports History Review, 5, pp. 187-207. ISSN (print) 1462-1495

Beck, Peter J. (2003) Leisure and sport in Britain, 1900-1939. In: Wrigley, Chris, (ed.) A companion to early twentieth-century Britain. Oxford, U.K. : Blackwell. pp. 453-469. (Blackwell companions to British history) ISBN 0631217908

Beck, Peter (2002) Using the archives, 5: the Library of Congress, Washington DC., USA. British International History Group Newsletter, 9, pp. 7-13.

Beck, Peter (2002) Anglo-Soviet relations 1930-1954: the British Government and the footballing dimension. In: Szikora, K. , Nagy, P. , Bandy, S.J. and Pfister, G., (eds.) Sport and politics: proceedings of the 6th congress of the International Society for the History of Physical Education and Sport, July 14-19 1999, Budapest, Hungary. Budapest, Hungary : Semmelweis University. pp. 89-95.

Beck, Peter J. [Author-contributor] and Dodds, Klaus (2002) Foreword. In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) Pink ice: Britain and the South Atlantic Empire. London, U.K. : I.B. Tauris. pp. xiii-xv. ISBN 9781860647703

Beck, Peter (2002) Politics. In: Cox, Richard , Russell, Dave and Vamplew, Wray, (eds.) Encyclopedia of British football. London, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 233-235. ISBN 0714652490

Beck, Peter (2001) Book Review of: The Columbia history of the twentieth century edited by Richard Bulliet. History, 86(283), pp. 438-439. ISSN (print) 0018-2648

Beck, Peter (2001) Book Review of: The Oxford history of the twentieth century edited by Michael Howard & Wm Roger Louis. History, 86(283), p. 439. ISSN (print) 0018-2648

Beck, Peter (2001) Using the archives, 4:National Archives at College Park (Archives II) and the Nixon Presidential Materials Staff, College Park, Maryland, USA. The British International History Group Newsletter, 8, pp. 6-9.

Beck, Peter (2001) Book Review of: Modern British history since 1900 by Jeremy Black. The English Historical Review, 116(466), pp. 516-517. ISSN (print) 0013-8266

Beck, Peter (2001) Book Review of: Neville Chamberlain and appeasement by Robert J. Caputi. The English Historical Review, 116(465), pp. 275-276. ISSN (print) 0013-8266

Beck, Peter J. (2001) For world footballing honours: England versus Italy, 1933, 1934 and 1939. European Sports History Review, 3, pp. 245-266. ISSN (print) 1462-1495

Beck, Peter J. (1999) Searching for peace in Munich, not Geneva: The British government, the league of nations and the Sudetenland question. Diplomacy & Statecraft, 10(2-3), pp. 236-257. ISSN (print) 0959-2296

Beck, Peter J. (1999) Britain, image-building and the world game: sport's potential as British cultural propaganda. In: The image, the state and international relations; 24 Jun 1999, London, U.K.. (EFPU Working Papers) ISSN (print) 1474-113X ISBN 0753014564

Beck, Peter J (1999) Scoring for Britain: international football and international politics, 1900-1939. London, U.K. : Frank Cass. 306p. (Sport in the global society) ISBN 071464899X

Beck, Peter (1998) Politicians versus historians: Lord Avon's appeasement battle against "lamentably, appeasement-minded" historians. Twentieth Century British History, 9(3), pp. 396-419. ISSN (print) 0955-2359

Beck, Peter J. (1995) Through Arctic eyes : Canada and Antarctica, 1945–62. Arctic, 48(2), pp. 136-146. ISSN (print) 0004-0843

Beck, Peter J. (1994) History and policy-makers in Argentina and Britain. In: Hill, Christopher and Beshoff, Pamela, (eds.) Two worlds of international relations: academics, practitioners and the trade in ideas. London, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 164-187. ISBN 041506970X

Beck, Peter (1991) Fisheries conservation - a basis for a special Anglo-Argentine relationship. World Today, 47(6), pp. 102-106. ISSN (print) 0043-9134

Beck, Peter (1990) Antarctica enters the 1990s - an overview. Applied Geography, 10(4), pp. 247-263. ISSN (print) 0143-6228

Beck, Peter (1990) Regulating one of the last tourism frontiers - Antarctica. Applied Geography, 10(4), pp. 343-356. ISSN (print) 0143-6228

Beck, Peter J. (1988) The Falkland Islands as an international problem. London, U.K. : Routledge. 211p. ISBN 041500909X

Beck, Peter (1986) The international politics of Antarctica. Beckenham, U.K. : Croom Helm. 332p. ISBN 0709932391

Beck, Peter (1983) Argentina 'philatelic annexation' of the Falklands. History Today, 33(2), pp. 39-44. ISSN (print) 0018-2753

Beck, Peter (1983) Britains Antarctic dimension. International Affairs, 59(3), pp. 429-444. ISSN (print) 0020-5850

Beck, Peter (1980) Politics and the Olympics: the lesson of 1924. HISTORY TODAY, 30(7), pp. 7-9. ISSN (print) 0018-2753

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