The Falkland Islands as an international problem

Beck, Peter J. (1988) The Falkland Islands as an international problem. London, U.K. : Routledge. 211p. ISBN 041500909X


Although the Falklands War of 1982 had a decisive outcome in respect to the restoration of British control, it failed to resolve the basic cause of the war, that is, the Anglo-Argentine dispute over sovereignty. Anglo-Argentine relations remain unstable, while a series of events (eg. over fishing) have emphasised the sensitive and important nature of the international problem. The dispute is of key significance to Argentina and Britain, but affects also other governments, including the USA and the EEC members, and international organisations (eg. the UN, the Non-Aligned Movement). Against such a background, this book explores and discusses various aspects of the Falklands issue. It stresses the dispute's significance as a domestic and international problem, the nature of the rival Anglo-Argentine cases for sovereignty, the development of the dispute before and after 1982, and the Falklands lobby's contribution as a pressure group, and it also pays close attention to alternatives for the future. The book shows an equal concern for the obvious and immediate problem of sovereignty and for the long term question of the geopolitical future of the South Atlantic/Antarctic region.

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