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Swan, Andrew Robert Henry (2015) Heterochrony in helicoid spiral cones: a computer model for demonstrating heterochronic evolution. Palaeontologia Electronica, 18(1), ISSN (print) 1935-3952

Sheppard, T. Huw, Houghton, Richard D. and Swan, Andrew R. H. (2006) Bedding and pseudo-bedding in the Early Jurassic of Glamorgan: deposition and diagenesis of the Blue Lias in South Wales. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, 117(3), pp. 249-264. ISSN (print) 0016-7878

Pearce, Martin A., Jarvis, Ian, Swan, Andrew R.H., Murphy, Amanda M., Tocher, Bruce A. and Edmunds, W. Michael (2003) Integrating palynological and geochemical data in a new approach to palaeoecological studies: Upper Cretaceous of the Banterwick Barn Chalk borehole, Berkshire, UK. Marine Micropaleontology, 47(3-4), pp. 271-306. ISSN (online) 0377-8398

Roberts, J.H., Holmes, J.A. and Swan, A.R.H. (2002) Ecophenotypy in Limnocythere inopinata (Ostracoda) from the late Holocene of Kajemarum Oasis (north-eastern Nigeria). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 185(1-2), pp. 41-52. ISSN (print) 0031-0182

Garratt, Jane and Swan, Andrew R.H. (1997) Fourier transforms of image-derived data: application to Albian coccoliths. Micropaleontology, 43(3), pp. 303-317. ISSN (print) 0026-2803

Webb, L. P. and Swan, A.R.H. (1996) Estimation of parameters of foraminiferal test geometry by image analysis. Palaeontology, 39(2), pp. 471-475. ISSN (print) 0031-0239

Swan, Andrew R.H. and Garratt, Jane A. (1995) Image analysis of petrographic textures and fabrics using semivariance. Mineralogical Magazine, 59(2), pp. 189-196. ISSN (print) 0026-461X

Swan, A.R.H., Sandilands, M. and McCabe, P. [Contributor] (1995) Introduction to geological data analysis. Oxford, U.K. : Blackwell Science Ltd. 446p. ISBN 0632032243

Swan, Andrew R.H. and Kershaw, Stephen (1994) A computer model for skeletal growth of stromatoporoids. Palaeontology, 37(2), pp. 409-423. ISSN (print) 0031-0239

Swan, Andrew (1990) A computer simulation of evolution by natural selection. Journal of the Geological Society, 147(2), pp. 223-228. ISSN (print) 0016-7649

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