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Bromhead, Edward N. and Ibsen, Maia-Laura (2022) The geotechnical setting of the forts of the Saxon Shore in SE England : a record lasting nearly 2 millennia. In: Third International ISSMGE TC301 Symposium on Geotechnical Engineering for the Preservation of Monuments and Historic Sites; 22-24 Jun 2022, Naples, Italy.

Hajian, Farhad, Dykes, Alan P., Zahabiyoun, Bagher and Ibsen, Maia (2016) Prediction of climate change effects on the runoff regime of a forested catchment in northern Iran. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 61(15), pp. 2729-2739. ISSN (print) 0262-6667

Bromhead, E.N., Ibsen, M-L. and Dykes, A.P. (2016) The Miramar landslide at Herne Bay and the storm surge of 1953. In: 12th International Symposium on Landslides; 12 - 19 Jun 2016, Napoli, Italy. (Unpublished)

Dykes, A.P., Ibsen, M-L. and Bromhead, E.N. (2016) A new assessment of the Southwell Topple of 1734. In: 12th International Symposium on Landslides; 12 - 19 Jun 2016, Napoli, Italy. (Unpublished)

Ibsen, Maia and Clarke, Karen (2012) Construction Academic Skills Centre (CASC) : a drop-in centre to support students with their academic skills, run by trained student advisors in the Schools of Civil Engineering and Construction, and Surveying and Planning. In: Morgan, Michelle, (ed.) Improving the student experience : a practical guide for universities and colleges. Abingdon, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 169-171. ISBN 9780415598781

Bromhead, E.N., Ibsen, M.-L. and Clarke, K.M. (2009) Mapping the landslide complex at St Catherine’s Point, Isle of Wight. In: Landslide Processes : from Geomorphologic Mapping to Dynamic Modelling; 06-07 Feb 2009, Strasbourg, France.

Bromhead, Edward and Ibsen, Maia-Laura (2007) Folkestone Warren landslides and the impact of the past rainfall record. In: International Conference on Landslides and Climate Change; 21-24 May 2007, Ventnor, U.K..

Bromhead, E.N., Canuti, P. and Ibsen, M.-L. (2006) Landslides and cultural heritage. Landslides, 3(4), pp. 273-274. ISSN (print) 1612-510X

Ibsen, Maia-Laura, Casagli, N., Dapporto, S., Tofani, V. and Vannocci, P. (2006) Analysis of the landslide triggering mechanism during the storm of 20th - 21st November 2000, in Northern Tuscany. Landslides, 3(1), pp. 13-21. ISSN (print) 1612-510X

Bromhead, E.N. and Ibsen, M.-L. (2004) Bedding-controlled coastal landslides in Southeast Britain between Axmouth and the Thames Estuary. Landslides, 1(2), pp. 131-141. ISSN (print) 1612-510X

Ibsen, M.-L. and Casagli, N. (2004) Rainfall patterns and related landslide incidence in the Porretta-Vergato region, Italy. Landslides, 1(2), pp. 143-150. ISSN (print) 1612-510X

Bromhead, Edward, Harris, Andrew and Ibsen, Maia-Laura (1999) Statistical variability of ring shear test results on a shear zone in London Clay. In: International Symposium on Slope Stability Engineering (IS-SHIKOKU 99); 8-11 Nov 1999, Matsuyama, Japan.

Ibsen, ML and Bromhead, EN (1999) Head scarps and toe heaves. Zeitschrift fur geomorphologie supplementband, 115, pp. 125-139. ISSN (print) 0044-2798

Bromhead, EN, Hopper, AC and Ibsen, ML (1998) Landslides in the lower greensand escarpment of South Kent. Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment, 57(2), pp. 131-144. ISSN (print) 1435-9529

Bromhead, Edward and Ibsen, Maia-Laura (1997) Land-use and climate-change impacts on landslide hazards in SE Britain. In: International Workshop on Landslide Risk Assessment; 19-21 Feb 1997, Honolulu, U.S.. ISBN 9789054109143

Ibsen, M.-L. and Bromhead, E.N. (1997) Head scarps and toe heaves. In: Magnitude and frequency in Geomorphology: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Geomorphology; 28 Aug - 3 Sep 1997, Bologna, Italy. (Magnitude and frequency in Geomorphology: Annals of Geomorphology, no. 115) ISSN (print) 0044-2798 ISBN 9783443211158

Ibsen, M.-L. and Brunsden, D. (1997) Mass movement and climatic variation on the south coast of Great Britain. Paläoklimaforschung - Palaeoclimate Research, 19, pp. 171-182. ISSN (print) 0930-4673

Ibsen, ML and Brunsden, D (1996) The nature, use and problems of historical archives for the temporal occurrence of landslides, with specific reference to the south coast of Britain, Ventnor, Isle of Wight. Geomorphology, 15(3-4), pp. 241-258. ISSN (print) 0169-555X

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