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Di Napoli, Roberto and Clement, Mieke (2014) Editorial: The agency game in academic development: compliance and resistance. International Journal for Academic Development, 19(1), pp. 1-3. ISSN (print) 1360-144X

Di Napoli, Roberto (2014) Value gaming and political ontology: between resistance and compliance in academic development. International Journal for Academic Development, 19(1), pp. 4-11. ISSN (print) 1360-144X

Clement, Mieke, Di Napoli, Roberto, Gilis, Annelies, Buelens, Herman and Frenay, Mariane (2011) Educational consultation for reflective-dialogic partnerships: a possible model. Recherche et Formation, 67, pp. 31-47. ISSN (print) 0988-1824

Di Napoli, Roberto, Fry, Heather, Frenay, Mariane, Verhesschen, Piet and Verburgh, An (2010) Academic development and educational developers: perspectives from different European higher education contexts. International Journal for Academic Development, 15(1), pp. 7-18. ISSN (print) 1360-144X

Jiang, Xiaoli, Di Napoli, Roberto, Borg, Michaela, Maunder, Rachel, Fry, Heather and Walsh, Elaine (2010) Becoming and being an academic: the perspectives of Chinese staff in two research‐intensive UK universities. Studies in Higher Education, 35(2), pp. 155-170. ISSN (print) 0307-5079

Di Napoli, Roberto (2007) El desarrollo Educativo, una mirada externa: rasgos nacionales y aspectos institucionales en el caso del Imperial College London. [Educational development - a view from outside: national trends and institutional issues at Imperial College London]. Revista de Docencia Universitaria, 1(1), ISSN (online) 1887-4592

Batchelor, Denise and Di Napoli, Roberto (2006) Special issue: The doctoral journey: Perspectives. Educate~, 6(1), pp. 13-24. ISSN (online) 2049-9558

Di Napoli, Roberto (1997) Reflecting on language programmes: change and innovation in Higher Education. Tuttitalia, 16, pp. 31-36. ISSN (print) 0957-1752


Di Napoli, Roberto and Clement, Mieke, eds. (2014) The agency game in academic development: compliance and resistance. Taylor & Francis. 72p. (International Journal for Academic Development, 19(1)) ISSN (print) 1360-144X

Barnett, Ronald and Di Napoli, Roberto, eds. (2008) Changing identities in Higher Education: Voicing perspectives. Abingdon, U.K. : Routledge. 226p. (Key Issues in Higher Education Series) ISBN 9780415426054

Benetti, Mara, Murtas, Carmela, Varchetta, Caterina and Di Napoli, Roberto [Consultant] (2008) Foundations Italian 1. 2nd ed. Basingstoke, U.K. : Palgrave Macmillan. (Palgrave Foundations) ISBN 9780230537828

Di Napoli, Roberto , Polezzi, Loredana and King, Anny, eds. (2001) Fuzzy boundaries? Reflections on modern languages and the humanities. London, U.K. : CILT in association with the Universities of Cambridge, Warwick and Westminster. 196p. ISBN 1902031717

Di Napoli, Roberto, ed. (1998) What? Per le scuole [What? For schools]. Milan, Italy : Colonna. ISBN 8880091018

Book Section

Guzman-Valenzuela, Carolina and Di Napoli, Roberto (2015) Competing narratives of time in the managerial university: the contradictions of fast time and slow time. In: Gibbs, Paul , Ylijoki, Oli-Helena , Guzman-Valenzuela, Carolina and Barnett, Ronald, (eds.) Universities in the flux of time: An exploration of time and temporality in university life. London, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 154-167. ISBN 9780415732222

Di Napoli, Roberto (2010) Identidades academicas y gestion: ¿una mision imposible? [Academic identities and management: mission impossible?]. In: Rue, Joan and Lodeiro, Laura, (eds.) Equipos docentes y nuevas identidades academicas en Educacion Superior [Teaching staff and new academic identities in Higher Education]. Madrid, Spain : Narcea. pp. 189-201. ISBN 9788427717213

Borg, Michaela, Maunder, Rachel, Jiang, Xiaoli, Walsh, Elaine, Fry, Heather and Di Napoli, Roberto (2010) International students and academic acculturation: the role of relationships in the doctoral process. In: Jones, Elspeth, (ed.) Internationalisation and the student voice: Higher Education perspectives. London, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 181-192. ISBN 9780415871273

Di Napoli, Roberto (2009) Case study 2: Reflecting - why and how. In: Fry, Heather , Ketteridge, Steve and Marshall, Stephanie, (eds.) A handbook for teaching and learning in Higher Education: Enhancing academic practice. 3rd ed. Abingdon, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 476-477. ISBN 9780415434645

Kingsbury, Martyn and Di Napoli, Roberto (2008) Academic conferences. In: Hall, Gerard and Longman, Jo, (eds.) The postgraduate's companion. London, U.K. : Sage. pp. 265-279. ISBN 9781412930260

Di Napoli, Roberto (2001) In, out and in again: travelling between modern languages and cross-cultural studies. In: Killick, David , Parry, Margaret and Phipps, Alison, (eds.) Poetics and praxis of languages and intercultural communication. Glasgow, U.K. : University of Glasgow French and German Publications. pp. 63-80. ISBN 085261697X

Polezzi, Loredana and Di Napoli, Roberto (2000) What language does Italian culture speak? In: MacBride, Nicole and Seago, Karen, (eds.) Target culture - target language? London, U.K. : Association of French Language Studies in association with CiLT. pp. 93-115. (Current Issues in University Language Teaching) ISBN 1902031822

Di Napoli, Roberto and Polezzi, Loredana (1998) Languages for cross-cultural capability: promoting the profession. In: Killick, David and Parry, Margaret, (eds.) Languages for cross-cultural capability : promoting the discipline : marking boundaries & crossing borders. Leeds, U.K. : Leeds Metropolitan University. pp. 69-78. ISBN 1898883629

Conference or Workshop Item

Di Napoli, R, Middlehurst, R and Woodfield, S (2015) HE studies and research: identity and positioning. In: Annual Festival of Learning 2015; 12-16 Jan 2015, Kingston, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Di Napoli, Roberto (2002) Skilling the University? A report on study skills and skills-related practices in teaching and learning at the University of Westminster. (Project Report) Education Initiative Centre, University of Westminster. (Unpublished)

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