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Huaichuan, Rui, Zhang, Miao and Shipman, Alan (2017) Chinese expatriate management in emerging markets : a competitive advantage perspective. Journal of International Management, 23(2), pp. 124-138. ISSN (print) 1075-4253

Rui, Huaichuan, Zhang, Miao and Shipman, Alan (2016) Relevant knowledge and recipient ownership : Chinese MNCS' knowledge transfer in Africa. Journal of World Business, 51(5), pp. 713-728. ISSN (print) 1090-9516

Su, Wenping and Zhang, Miao (2015) An integrative model for measuring graduates’ employability skills - A study in China. Cogent Business & Management, 2(1060729), ISSN (online) 2331-1975

Tolos, Habibah, Wang, Peijie, Zhang, Miao and Shand, Rory (2014) Retirement systems and pension reform: a Malaysian perspective. International Labour Review, 153(3), pp. 489-502. ISSN (print) 0020-7780

Zhang, Miao and Edwards, Christine (2007) Diffusing 'best practice' in Chinese multinationals: the motivation, facilitation and limitations. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 18(12), pp. 2147-2165. ISSN (print) 0958-5192

Edwards, Christine and Zhang, Miao (2003) Human resource management strategy in Chinese MNCs in the UK: a case study with six companies. Research and Practice in Human Resource Management, 11(1), pp. 1-14. ISSN (print) 0218-5180

Zhang, Miao (2003) Transferring human resource management across national boundaries: the case of Chinese multinational companies in the UK. Employee Relations, 25(6), pp. 613-626. ISSN (online) 0142-5455

Zhang, Miao (1999) Book Review of: International management in China: cross-cultural issues by Jan Selmer. Human Resource Development International, 2(2), pp. 163-166. ISSN (print) 1367-8868

Book Section

Zhang, Miao, Edwards, Christine and Ma, Jiaying (2014) Internationalisation process, HRM strategy and transfer in Chinese MNCs’ subsidiaries in the UK. In: Richet, Xavier , Delteil, Violaine and Dieuaide, Patrick, (eds.) Strategies of multinational corporations and social regulations: European and Asian perspectives. London, U.K. : Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. pp. 125-135. ISBN 9783642413698

Edwards, Tony, Rees, Chris and Zhang, Miao (2011) The diffusion of HR practices in MNCs. In: Edwards, Tony and Rees, Chris, (eds.) International human resource management. 2nd ed. Harlow, U.K. : Pearson Education. pp. 120-138. ISBN 9780273716129

Edwards, Tony and Zhang, Miao (2008) Multinationals and national systems of employment relations: innovators or adapters? In: Lawler, John J. and Hundley, Greg, (eds.) The Global Diffusion of Human Resource Practices: Institutional and Cultural Limits. Bingley, U.K. : Emerald Group Publishing Limited. pp. 33-58. (Advances in international management, (21)) ISSN (print) 1571-5027 ISBN 9780762314010

Zhang, Miao, Edwards, Tony and Edwards, Christine (2006) Internationalization and developing countries: the case of China. In: Edwards, Tony and Rees, Chris, (eds.) International human resource management: globalization, national systems and multinational companies. Harlow, U.K. : Pearson Education Limited. pp. 129-147. ISBN 0273651773

Conference or Workshop Item

Rui, Huaichuan and Zhang, Miao (2015) Feasibility, recipient ownership and knowledge transfer strategy: a case of Chinese MNCs in Africa. In: Academy of International Business (AIB) 2015 Annual Meeting: Global Networks: Organizations and People; 27-30 Jun 2015, Bengaluru, India. (Unpublished)

Zhang, Miao and Rui, Huaichun (2015) HR strategy and employment management in Chinese MNCs. In: 17th International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA) World Congress: The Changing World of Work: Implications for Labour and Employment Relations and Social Protection; 07-11 Sep 2015, Cape Town, South Africa. (Unpublished)

Zhang, Miao and Øvre, Susanne (2014) Repatriation in a changing global context - a case of Norwegian MNCs. In: 13th International Human Resource Management Conference: Uncertainty in a Flattening World: Challenges for IHRM; 24-27 Jun 2014, Krakow, Poland. (Unpublished)

Jiang, Xiuzhen and Zhang, Miao (2010) Factors affecting expatriates' willingness to repatriate: case of China. In: 11th International Human Resource Management conference - Emergence of new economic powers: management of human resources in the challenging global context; 09 - 12 Jun 2010, Birmingham, U.K..

Zhang, Miao and Jiang, Xiuchen (2009) HRM strategy in MNCs from China and implications for Chinese international managers' development. In: 15th World Congress of the International Industrial Relations Association (IIRA): The New World of Work, Organisations and Employment; 24-27 Aug 2009, Sydney, Australia.

Zhang, Miao and Edwards, Christine (2008) Localisation strategy and internationalisation process in Chinese MNCs: a case study with six companies in the UK. In: The Third International Association of Chinese Management Research (IACMR) Conference: The Olympic Spirit in Chinese Management Research; 19-22 Jun 2008, Guangzhou, China.

Zhang, Miao, Samaratunga, Mahesha, Rees, Chris and Edwards, Christine (2007) Regionalisation and HR transfer processes: a case study of a Swiss MNC operating in Sri Lanka. In: European Institute for Advanced Studies Management (EIASM) 5th Workshop on International Strategy and Cross-Cultural Management; 28-29 Sep 2007, Istanbul, Turkey.

Zhang, Miao, Samaratunga, Mahesha, Rees, Chris and Edwards, Christine (2007) Developments in international HR transfer processes: evidence from a Swiss MNC operating in Sri Lanka. In: 9th International Human Resource Management (IHRM) Conference: Changes in Society, Changes in Organizations, and the Changing Role of HRM: Managing International Human Resources in a Complex World; 12-15 Jun 2007, Tallinn, Estonia.

Zhang, Miao and Edwards, Christine (2006) "Best practice" diffusion in Chinese MNCs: motivation, facilitation and limitations. In: European Institute for Advances Studies in Management (EIASM) 4th Workshop on International Strategy and Cross-Cultural Management; 29-30 Sep 2006, Toulouse, France.

Zhang, Miao and Edwards, Christine (2004) The roles of local managers in MNCs global strategy: a case study of Chinese companies in the UK. In: 2nd International Conference on Business, Economics, Management and Marketing; 24-27 Jun 2004, Athens, Greece.

Zhang, Miao and Edwards, Christine (2004) The motivation, facilitation and limitations of HRM practice diffusion: a study of Chinese multinationals. In: Multinationals and the International Diffusion of Organizational Forms and Practices: Convergence and Diversity within the Global Economy; 15-17 Jul 2004, Barcelona, Spain.

Zhang, Miao and Edwards, Christine (2003) HRM practice and the influence of "the country of origin" in Chinese MNC's operating in the UK. In: International Industrial Relations Association (IIRA) 13th World Congress: Beyond Traditional Employment. Industrial Relations in the Network Economy; 8-12 Sep 2003, Berlin, Germany.

Zhang, Miao (2003) Globalisation, competitive advantage and HRM strategy: a study of Chinese MNCs in the UK. In: Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2003: Democracy in a Knowledge Economy; 1-6 Aug 2003, Seattle, USA.


Zhang, Miao (2001) Multinationals, the internationalisation process and human resource management strategy: a case study of UK subsidiaries of Chinese MNCs. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .

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