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Kusev, Petko, van Schaik, Paul, Tsaneva-Atanasova, Krasimira, Juliusson, Asgeir and Chater, Nick (2018) Adaptive anchoring model : how static and dynamic presentation of time series influence judgments and predictions. Cognitive Science, 42(1), pp. 72-102. ISSN (print) 0364-0213

van Schaik, Paul, Jeske, Debora, Onibokun, Joseph, Coventry, Lynne, Jansen, Jurjen and Kusev, Petko (2017) Risk perceptions of cyber-security and precautionary behaviour. Computers in Human Behavior, 75, pp. 547-559. ISSN (print) 0747-5632

Aldrovandi, Silvio, Kusev, Petko, Hill, Tetiana and Vlaev, Ivo (2017) Context moderates priming effects on financial risk taking. Risks, 5(1), p. 18. ISSN (online) 2227-9091

Heilman, Renata M. and Kusev, Petko (2017) The gender pay gap : can behavioral economics provide useful insights? Frontiers in Psychology, 8(95), ISSN (online) 1664-1078

Kusev, Petko, Purser, Harry, Heilman, Renata, Cooke, Alex J., Van Schaik, Paul, Baranova, Victoria, Martin, Rose and Ayton, Peter (2017) Understanding risky behavior : the influence of cognitive, emotional and hormonal factors on decision-making under risk. Frontiers in Psychology, 8(102), ISSN (online) 1664-1078

Kusev, Petko, Van Schalk, Paul, Alzahrani, Shrooq, Lonigro, Samantha and Purser, Harry (2016) Judging the morality of utilitarian actions : how poor utilitarian accessibility makes judges irrational. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 23(6), pp. 1961-1967. ISSN (print) 1069-9384

Aldrovandi, Silvio, Poirier, Marie, Kusev, Petko and Ayton, Peter (2015) Retrospective evaluations of sequences: testing the predictions of a memory-based analysis. Experimental Psychology, 62(5), pp. 320-334. ISSN (print) 1618-3169

Kusev, Petko and van Schaik, Paul (2013) The cognitive economy: the probabilistic turn in psychology and human cognition. The Behavioral and brain sciences, 36(3), pp. 294-295. ISSN (print) 0140-525X

Kusev, Petko, Tsaneva-Atanasova, Krasimira, van Schaik, Paul and Chater, Nick (2012) Modeling judgment of sequentially presented categories using weighting and sampling without replacement. Behavior Research Methods, 44(4), pp. 1129-1134. ISSN (print) 1554-351X

Kusev, Petko, Ayton, Peter, van Schaik, Paul, Tsaneva-Atanasova, Krasimira, Stewart, Neil and Chater, Nick (2011) Judgments relative to patterns: how temporal sequence patterns affect judgments and memory. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 37(6), pp. 1874-1886. ISSN (print) 0096-1523

van Schaik, Paul, Kusev, Petko and Juliusson, Asgeir (2011) Human preferences and risky choices. Frontiers in Psychology, 2, ISSN (online) 1664-1078

Kusev, Petko and van Schaik, Paul (2011) Preferences under risk: content-dependent behavior and psychological processing. Frontiers in Psychology, 2(269), ISSN (online) 1664-1078

Vlaev, I, Kusev, P, Stewart, N, Aldrovandi, S and Chater, N (2010) Domain effects and financial risk attitudes. Risk Analysis, 30(9), pp. 1374-1386. ISSN (print) 0272-4332

Kusev, P., van Schaik, P., Ayton, P., Dent, J. and Chater, N. (2009) Exaggerated risk: prospect theory and probability weighting in risky choice. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 35(6), pp. 1487-1505. ISSN (print) 0278-7393

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