Refraction of oblique shock wave on a tangential discontinuity

Bulat, Pavel, Melnikova, Anzhelika, Upyrev, Vladimir and Volkov, Konstantin (2021) Refraction of oblique shock wave on a tangential discontinuity. Fluids, 6(9), p. 301. ISSN (online) 2311-5521


The refraction of an oblique shock wave on a tangential discontinuity dividing two gas flows with different properties is considered. It is shown that its partial reflection occurs with the exception of the geometrical diffraction of an oblique shock. Another oblique shock, expansion wave or weak discontinuity that coincides with the Mach line can act as a reflected disturbance. This study focuses on the relationships that define the type of reflected discontinuity and its parameters. The domains of shock wave configurations with various types of reflected discontinuities, including characteristic refraction and refraction patterns with a reflected shock and a reflected rarefaction wave, are analyzed. The domains of existence of various shock wave structures with two types of reflected disturbance, and the boundaries between them, are defined. The domains of parameters with one or two solutions exist for the characteristic refraction. Each domain is mapped by the type of refraction with regard to the Mach number, the ratio of the specific heat capacities of the two flows and the intensity of a refracted oblique shock wave. The conditions of the regular refraction and the Mach refraction are formulated, and the boundaries between the two refraction types are defined for various types of gases. Refraction phenomena in various engineering problems (hydrocarbon gaseous fuel and its combustion products, diatomic gas, fuel mixture of oxygen and hydrogen, etc.) are discussed. The result can be applied to the modeling of the shock wave processes that occur in supersonic intakes and in rotating and stationary detonation engines. The solutions derived can be used by other researchers to check the quality of numerical methods and the correctness of experimental results.

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