Wars and capital

Alliez, Eric, Lazzarato, Maurizio and Hodges, Ames [Translator] (2018) Wars and capital. New York, U.S. : Semiotext(e). 456p. ISBN 9781635900040


In Wars and Capital, Eric Alliez and Maurizio Lazzarato propose a counterhistory of capitalism to recover the reality of the wars that are inflicted to us and denied to us. We experience not the ideal war of philosophers, but wars of class, race, sex, and gender; wars of civilization and the environment; wars of subjectivity that are raging within populations and that constitute the secret motor of of liberal governmentality. By naming the ennemy (refugees, migrants, Muslims), the new fascisms establish their hegemony on the processes of political subjectivation by reducing them to racist, sexist, and xenophobic slogans, fanning the flames of war among the poor and maintaining the total war philosophy of neoliberalism. Because war and fascism are the repressed elements of post-'68 thought, Alliez and Lazzarato read not only the history of capital through war but also read war itself through the strange revolution of '68., which made possible the passage from war in the singular to a plurality of wars - and from wars to the construction of new war machines against contemporary financialization. It is a question of pushing '68 thought' beyond its own limits and redirecting it toward a new pragmatic of struggle linked to the continuous war of capital.

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