A lost narrative : a choreographic installation by Dr Beatrice Jarvis

Jarvis, Beatrice [Artist] (2018) A lost narrative : a choreographic installation by Dr Beatrice Jarvis. Hold Everything Dear : Performance, Politics & John Berger.


Brief as photos | Once upon a time | Once upon a story | and the time of his consciousness | Murmuring River | We are always between | Two times | Body | Consciousness | Dimension | The eyes of the dead | People read the night sky | If I open my eyes | Prayers | one continuous present | language beyond the reach of time | Being comforted by crying | recurring | lens | I waited for you | Not yet disappeared | accumulation of experience | The body ages | becomes possible | trembling sleep | heart laid bare | no final barriers | the seashore smells of seaweed | uncounted time | the eye | a disappearance | a waterfall | the scent of lilac | two lines | twice a day | my river | the forest I knew | to write a letter | trundling across the sky | words are filling | the silence | utterly alone | bring me back tonight | vagrant language | our eyes | disclosed in darkness | earth thrown | sweetness | From where does pain come to us | there was a piano | the sky is waiting | preparing | the depth of the sea | A lost narrative is an ongoing series of site specific and studio performances I have been making since 2015 exploring themes of time, loss and consciousness in response to And Our Faces, My heart, Brief as Photos by Berger. Working with landscape, improvisation, body and mind, I am studying through movement what the how to embody lost sensations and seeking to form a series of performances which capture the essense of lost places, people and feelings. This performance research explores Berger’s in direct relationship to my own research questioning how dance creates a language of embodied expression that extend beyond words.

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