Advanced computer vision-based human computer interaction for entertainment and software development

Herrera Acuna, Raul (2014) Advanced computer vision-based human computer interaction for entertainment and software development. (PhD thesis), Kingston University, .


In this thesis we propose novel methods for 3D interaction on 3D environments. The evaluation of these methods was performed based on three interaction environments: 3D interaction using portable multi-touch devices, 3D hand gesture data manipulation using 3D database representation and 3D multi-threaded programing using hand gesture interaction. The three experiments provided qualitative and quantitative information to evaluate the features of the presented interfaces. The first experiment, based on the use on the use of portable multi-touch devices, aimed to evaluate the use of 3D movements to interact under a 3D environment. Also, the possibility of generate collaborative interaction under 3D interfacing (simulating a 3D multi-touch table top environment) was evaluated. The second experiment consisted on 3D touchless data manipulation, removing the intermediate device (portable multi-touch) and providing hand gesture data interaction using the Kinect device. Furthermore, this evaluation was conducted over a 3D cube database model, based on the concepts of multidimensional databases and graphic databases. The third experiment intended to evaluate the possibility of software generation using a 3D interaction environment, following a similar model of interaction from the second experiment, but providing a better two handed interaction. The environment aimed multi-threaded programing under a 3D interface. The three experiments provided valuable data about users’ interaction and preference, which were tested with users of different ages and levels of knowledge. The research process and results are summarized in this research work.

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