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Allgrove, Judith E., Geneen, Louise, Latif, Sarah and Gleeson, Michael (2009) Influence of a fed or fasted state on the s-IgA response to prolonged cycling in active men and women. International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, 19(3), pp. 209-221. ISSN (print) 1526-484X


Davison, Glen, Allgrove, Judith and Gleeson, Michael (2009) Salivary antimicrobial peptides (LL-[sub]37 and alpha-defensins HNP1–[sub]3), antimicrobial and IgA responses to prolonged exercise. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 106(2), pp. 277-284. ISSN (print) 1439-6319

Dray, Katie and Uphill, Mark A. (2009) A survey of athletes' counterfactual thinking: precursors, prevalence, and consequences. Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews, 5(1), pp. 16-26. ISSN (print) 0091-6331


Easton, Chris, Calder, Alyson, Prior, Frank, Dobinson, Sarah, I'Anson, Rebecca, MacGregor, Rhona, Mohammad, Yaser, Kingsmore, David B and Pitsiladis, Yannis P (2009) The effects of a novel “fluid loading” strategy on the cardiovascular and haematological responses to orthostatic stress. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 105, pp. 899-908. ISSN (print) 1439-6319


Howatson, Glyn, Glaister, Mark, Brouner, James and Van Someren, Ken A. (2009) The reliability of electromechanical delay and torque during isometric and concentric isokinetic contractions. Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology, 19(5), pp. 975-979. ISSN (print) 1050-6411


Petroczi, Andrea (2009) The Dark Side of Sport: Challenges for Managers in the Twenty-first Century. European Sport Management Quarterly, 9(4), pp. 349-352. ISSN (print) 1618-4742

Petroczi, Andrea and Naughton, DP (2009) Popular drugs in sport: descriptive analysis of the enquiries made via the Drug Information Database (DID). British Journal of Sports Medicine, 43(11), pp. 811-817. ISSN (print) 0306-3674

Petróczi, Andrea and Aidman, Eugene (2009) Measuring explicit attitude toward doping: Review of the psychometric properties of the Performance Enhancement Attitude Scale. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 10(3), pp. 390-396. ISSN (print) 1469-0292


Robson-Ansley, Paula, Barwood, Martin, Canavan, Jane, Hack, Susan, Eglin, Clare, Davey, Sarah, Hewitt, Jennifer, Hull, James and Ansley, Les (2009) The effect of repeated endurance exercise on IL-6 and sIL-6R and their relationship with sensations of fatigue at rest. Cytokine, 45(2), pp. 111-116. ISSN (print) 1043-4666

Ránky, Márta, Petróczi, Andrea, Uvacsek, Martina and Frenkl, Róbert (2009) A vizeletből végzett doppingvizsgálatok eredményei az UGT2B17 polymorfizmus fényében (Reconsidering the validity of doping tests from urine in the light of the UGBT2B17 gene polymorphism). Magyar Sporttudományi Szemle (Hungarian Review of Sport Science), 3-4, pp. 36-41.


Taylor, I M, Ntoumanis, N and Smith, B (2009) The social context as a determinant of teacher motivational strategies in physical education. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 10(2), pp. 235-243. ISSN (print) 1469-0292


Uphill, Mark A. and Dray, Katie (2009) Giving yourself a good beating: appraisal, attribution, rumination and counterfactual thinking. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, 8(CSSI-3), pp. 5-12. ISSN (print) 1303-2968

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