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Ballance, Mark P. (2008) Issues affecting design-orientated micro-enterprises in under developed countries: a Zimbabwean example. (MA(R) thesis), Kingston University, .


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Sayce, S., Vickers, T., Connellan, O. and Morad, Munir (2008) Local property taxation as a strategic planning tool in UK: can 'landvaluescape' play a role at local levels? Local Economy, 23(3), pp. 208-221. ISSN (print) 0269-0942

Shamsavari, Ali and Majidpour, Mehdi (2008) Innovation in technology transfer: host-oriented strategic R&D alliance. (Discussion Paper) Kingston upon Thames, U.K. : Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Kingston University. 22 p. (Economics Discussion Paper)

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Stockhammer, Engelbert (2008) Anatomie und auswirkungen der US-immobilienkrise: von der sub-prime krise zur wirtschaftskrise? Grundrisse, 25, pp. 21-24. ISSN (print) 1814-3156

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Stockhammer, Engelbert (2008) Finanzkrise: chronologie, ursachen und wirtschaftspolitische reaktionen: kasinokapitalismus mit staatlichen fremdheilungskraften. Grundrisse, 28, pp. 13-22. ISSN (print) 1814-3156

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Truxal, Steven (2008) Competitive distortions, carbon emissions efficiencies, or the green ultimatum? International Trade Law and Regulation, 14(4), pp. 77-79. ISSN (print) 1357-3136

Truxal, Steven (2008) EU transport emissions compliance catch-up. International Trade Law and Regulation, 14(6), pp. 117-121. ISSN (print) 1357-3136


Wells, Julian (2008) Marxism, probabilism and "Laws of Chaos". In: Probabilistic Political Economy: "Laws of Chaos" in the 21st century; 14 - 16 July 2008, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Wells, Julian (2008) Modelling profit rate distributions: testing profit rate hypotheses. In: Probabilistic Political Economy: Laws of Chaos in the 21st century; 14 - 16 July 2008, Kingston upon Thames, UK. (Unpublished)

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