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Bhattarai, Keshab and Ghatak, Subrata (2010) FDI, investment and growth in OECD countries. (Discussion Paper) Kingston upon Thames, U.K. : Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Kingston University. 22 p. (Economics Discussion Paper, no. 2010/5)

Daly, Vince (2010) Convergence testing and modelling: a survey of methods. In: Quantitative Methods in Economics; 12 - 13 November 2010, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. (Unpublished)

Ingianni, Andrea (2010) Intra-European Union trade openness and new members' output convergence: a time-series analysis. In: 9th Annual Meeting of the EEFS International Conference; 3 - 6 June 2010, Athens, Greece. (Unpublished)

Kelsey, David and Pang, Wei (2010) How productive is optimism? The impact of ambiguity on the "big push". Economics Bulletin, 30(1), pp. 855-865. ISSN (online) 1545-2921

Kim, Young-Joo (2010) Birth order, gender and schooling. (Discussion Paper) Kingston upon Thames, U.K. : Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Kingston University. 35 p. (Economics Discussion Paper, no. 2010/2)

Li, Hong (2010) The effect of China's stock market reforms on market interdependence. (Discussion Paper) Kingston upon Thames, U.K. : Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Kingston University. 39 p. (Economics Discussion Paper, no. 2010/4)

Mehrotra, Aaron and Sanchez-Fung, Jose (2010) China's monetary policy and the exchange rate. (Discussion Paper) Helsinki, Finland : Bank of Finland. 25 p. (BOFIT Discussion Papers, no. 10/2010) ISBN 9789524626859

Milios, Jannis and Sotiropoulos, Dimitris P. (2010) Marxsche Theorie und Imperialismus. PROKLA, 40(159), pp. 259-275. ISSN (print) 0342-8176

Milios, John and Sotiropoulos, Dimitris (2010) Crisis of Greece or crisis of the euro? A view from the European ‘periphery’. Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern studies, 12(3), pp. 223-240. ISSN (print) 1944-8953

Mulhern, Alan and Watson, John (2010) Spanish inter-regional migration: an enigma resolved. Applied Economic Letters, 17(14), pp. 1355-1359. ISSN (print) 1350-4851

Oskooe, Seyyed Ali Paytakhti (2010) Emerging stock market performance and economic growth. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 7(2), pp. 265-269. ISSN (print) 1546-9239

Oskooe, Seyyed Ali Paytakhti, Li, Hong and Shamsavari, Ali (2010) The random walk hypothesis in emerging stock market. International Research Journal of Finance and Economics(50), pp. 51-61. ISSN (online) 1450-2887

Pozo, Susan, Sanchez-Fung, Jose and Santos-Paulino, Amelia U. (2010) Economic development strategies in the Dominican Republic. (Working Paper) Helsinki, Finland : United Nations University-World Institute for Development Economics Research. 25 p. (WIDER Working Paper, no. 2010/115) ISBN 9789292303532

Sanchez Fung, Jose R., Pozo, Susan and Santos-Paulino, Amelia U. (2010) A note on modelling economic growth determinants in the Dominican Republic. (Discussion Paper) Kingston upon Thames, U.K. : Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Kingston University. 13 p. (Economics Discussion Paper, no. 2010/4)

Sanchez-Fung, Jose (2010) Book Review of: Economic prosperity recaptured: the Finnish path from crisis to rapid growth by Seppo Honkapohja, Erkki A. Koskela, Willi Leibfritz, and Roope Uusitalo, 2009. MIT Press. Hardback: ISBN 978-0-262-01269-0. Baltic Journal of Economics, 10(1), pp. 79-81. ISSN (print) 1406-099X

Shamsavari, Ali (2010) Outsourcing: a critique of the value-chain model. (Discussion Paper) Kingston upon Thames, U.K. : Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Kingston University. 31 p. (Economics Discussion Paper, no. 2010/3)

Siddiki, Jalal (2010) The Ricardian equivalence hypothesis: evidence from Bangladesh. Applied Economics, 42(11), pp. 1419-1435. ISSN (print) 0003-6846

Stockhammer, Engelbert and Grafl, Lucas (2010) Financial uncertainty and business investment. Review of Political Economy, 22(4), pp. 551-568. ISSN (print) 0953-8259

Stockhammer, Engelbert (2010) Financialization and the global economy. (Working Paper) Political Economy Research Institute. 17 p. (no. 240) (Unpublished)

Stockhammer, Engelbert (2010) Neoliberalism, income distribution and the causes of the crisis. (Discussion Paper) Research on Money and Finance. 28 p. (RMF Discussion Paper, no. 19)

Stockhammer, Engelbert (2010) The macroeconomics of unemployment reconsidered. In: The New Economics as ‘Mainstream’ Economics; Jan 28-29, 2010, Cambridge, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Velickovic, Vedrana (2010) Against Balkanism: women's academic life writing and personal and collective history in Vesna Goldsworthy's Chernobyl Strawberries. Women: A Cultural Review, 21(2), pp. 172-188. ISSN (print) 0957-4042

Wells, Julian (2010) Book review of: 'Classical econophysics' by Cockshott, W. Paul, Allin F. Cottrell, Gregory J. Michaelson, Ian P. Wright and Victor M. Yakovenko. Economic Issues, 15(2), pp. 116-118. ISSN (print) 1363-7029

Wells, Julian (2010) Mr Glick and the "classicals": an exercise in refutation. In: 14th Annual Conference of the European Society for the History of Economic Thought; 25-27 March 2010, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (Unpublished)

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