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Blackman, B.R.K., Hadavinia, H., Kinloch, A.J. and Williams, J.G. (2003) The use of a cohesive zone model to study the fracture of fibre composites and adhesively-bonded joints. International Journal of Fracture, 119(1), pp. 25-46. ISSN (print) 0376-9429


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Duran, O, Althoefer, K and Seneviratne, L (2003) A sensor for pipe inspection: model, analysis and image extraction. In: IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP03); 14-17 September 2003, Barcelona, Spain. (International Conference on Image Processing, 2003. ICIP 2003 Proceedings, no. 3)

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Muppala, S. P. Reddy and Dinkelacker, Friedrich (2003) Numerical calculation of turbulent premixed Methane, Ethene and Propane/Air Flames at pressures up to 10 bar. In: European Combustion meeting; 25 - 28 Oct 2003, Orleans, France.


Omer, J. R., Robinson, R. B., Delpak, R. and Shih, J. K. C. (2003) Large scale pile tests in Mercia mudstone: data analysis and evaluation of current design methods. Journal of Geotechnical and Goelogical Engineering, 21(3), pp. 167-200. ISSN (print) 0960-3182

Osborne, B., Suvorovs, T., De Wit, J. and Steinberg, T. (2003) Microanalysis of Quenched and Self-extinguished Aluminium Rods Burned in Oxygen. In: Steinberg, Theodore A. , Newton, Barry E. and Beeson, Harold D., (eds.) Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Tenth Volume. West Conshohocken, PA, U.S. : ASTM International. pp. 151-163. 10(STP 1454) ISBN 9780803134706


She, Jihong, Yang, Jian-Feng, Jayaseelan, Daniel Doni, Ueno, Shunkichi, Kondo, Naoki, Ohji, Tatsuki and Kanzaki, Shuzo (2003) Strength of silicon nitride after thermal shock. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 86(9), pp. 1619-1621. ISSN (print) 0002-7820

She, Jihong, Yang, Jian-Feng, Jayaseelan, Daniel Doni, Kondo, Naoki, Ohji, Tatsuki, Kanzaki, Shuzo and Inagaki, Yoshiaki (2003) Thermal shock behavior of isotropic and anisotropic porous silicon nitride. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 86(4), pp. 738-740. ISSN (print) 0002-7820


Thomas, T.G., Yao, Y.F. and Sandham, N.D. (2003) Structure and energetics of a turbulent trailing edge flow. Computers & Mathematics with Applications, 46(4), pp. 671-680. ISSN (print) 0898-1221


Ueno, Shunkichi, Awano, Masanobu, Jayaseelan, D. Doni, Kondo, Naoki, Ohji, Tatsuki and Kanzaki, Shuzo (2003) Noble preparation route for combustion catalyst from [beta]-Al[sub]2O[sub]3/LaAlO[sub]3 eutectic. Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan, 111(1296), pp. 611-613. ISSN (print) 0914-5400


Wang, X.X., Guo, Y.Y. and Shu, P.C. (2003) Numerical modelling of heat transfer between gas and solid in a vibrated fluidised bed. Applied Thermal Engineering, 23(7), pp. 821-828. ISSN (print) 1359-4311


Zhang, T., Liu, B., Gawne, D.T. and Bao, Y. (2003) Model of thermal spraying using a Monte-Carlo approach. In: 2003 International Thermal Spray Conference; 5-8 May 2003, Orlando, Florida, USA. (Thermal Spray 2003 Advancing the Science and Applying the Technology) ISBN 0871707853

Zweiri, Y H, Senevirante, L D and Althoefer, K (2003) Modelling and control of an unmanned excavator vehicle. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part I: Journal of Systems and Control Engineering, 217(4), 259 - 274. ISSN (print) 0959-6518

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