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Wright, S., Andrews, G. and Sabir, H. (2009) A review of heat exchanger fouling in the context of aircraft air-conditioning systems, and the potential for electrostatic filtering. Applied Thermal Engineering, 29(13), pp. 2596-2609. ISSN (print) 1359-4311

Sabir, H.M., ElHag, Y.B.M. and Benhadj-Djilali, R. (2008) Experimental study of capillary-assisted evaporators. Energy and Buildings, 40(3), pp. 399-407. ISSN (print) 0378-7788

Sabir, H.M. and ElHag, Y.B.M. (2007) A study of capillary-assisted evaporators. Applied Thermal Engineering, 27(8-9), pp. 1555-1564. ISSN (print) 1359-4311

Sabir, H.M., Chretienneau, R. and ElHag, Y.B.M. (2004) Analytical study of a novel GAX-R heat driven refrigeration cycle. Applied Thermal Engineering, 24(14-15), pp. 2083-2099. ISSN (print) 1359-4311

Sabir, H.M. and Bwalya, A.C. (2002) Experimental study of capillary-assisted water evaporators for vapour-absorption systems. Applied Energy, 71(1), pp. 45-57. ISSN (print) 0306-2619

Bwalya, A.C., Sabir, H.M. and Raine, M. (2001) Induced annular water film evaporator for air to refrigerant heat exchange enhancement in a Lithium Bromide - Water absorption refrigeration system. In: 2nd International Heat Powered Cycles Conference; 5 - 7 Sept 2001, Paris, France.

Sabir, H.M. (2001) A novel GAX-R heat driven refrigeration/heat pump cycle. In: 2nd International Heat Powered Cycles Conference; 5 - 7 Sept 2001, Paris, France.

Sabir, H. M. and Eames, I. W. (1999) Performance of film absorbers under the effect of a contaminant non-absorbable gas. Applied Energy, 63(4), pp. 255-267. ISSN (print) 0306-2619

Sabir, H.M., Eames, I.W. and Suen, K.O. (1999) The effect of non-condensable gases on the performance of film absorbers in vapour absorption systems. Applied Thermal Engineering, 19(5), pp. 531-541. ISSN (print) 1359-4311

Sabir, H.M. and Eames, I.W. (1998) Theoretical comparison between lithium bromide/water vapour resorption and absorption cycles. Applied Thermal Engineering, 18(8), pp. 683-692. ISSN (print) 1359-4311

Eames, IW, Marr, NJ and Sabir, HM (1997) The evaporation coefficient of water. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 40(12), pp. 2963-2973. ISSN (print) 0017-9310

Eames, IW and Sabir, HM (1997) Potential benefits of electrohydrodynamic enhancement of two-phase heat transfer in the design of refrigeration systems. APPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING, 17(1), pp. 79-92. ISSN (print) 1359-4311

Sabir, HM, Suen, KO and Vinnicombe, GA (1996) Investigation of effects of wave motion on the performance of a falling film absorber. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 39(12), pp. 2463-2472. ISSN (print) 0017-9310

Sloetjesa, Wim, Haverhalsa, Jaap, Kerkdijka, Kees, Ahmedb, Iman Osman, Sabir, Hisham, Eldinb, Shommo Shaa, Porsiusc, Rob, Stolkc, Ad, El Karibd, Asha, Yousifd, Kahil and Hassane, Hassan Wardi (1988) Operational results of the 13 kW/50 m3 solar driven cold store in Khartoum, The Sudan. Journal of Solar Energy, 41(4), pp. 341-347. ISSN (print) 0038-092X

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