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Eccles, Timothy and Pointing, John (2013) Smart regulation, shifting architectures and changes in governance. International Journal of Law in the Built Environment, 5(1), pp. 71-88. ISSN (print) 1756-1450

Horrocks, David and Pointing, John (2012) Licensing and public nusisance. Acoustics Bulletin, 37(6), pp. 23-26. ISSN (print) 0308-437X

Pointing, John and Teinaz, Yunes (2012) Meat crimes in the UK. The Meat Hygienist(155), pp. 7-9. ISSN (print) 0308-7050

Eccles, Timothy and Pointing, John (2011) Just how smart is “smart regulation”: evolving architectures in the governance of regulation? In: COBRA 2011; 12-13 Sep 2011, Salford, U.K..

Pointing, John (2011) Should Halal conform to state food law? The Halal Journal, 40, pp. 42-45.

Teinaz, Yunes and Pointing, John (2011) Obstacles in enforcing food regulations. In: The first Gulf Conference of Halal industry and its services; 24 - 26 January 2011, Salmiyah, Kuwait. (Unpublished)

Pointing, John (2011) Commercial statutory nuisances and loss of control by local authorities. Environmental Law and Management, 23(6), pp. 333-335. ISSN (print) 1067-6058

Pointing, John (2011) Public nuisance: beyond Highway 61 revisited? Environmental Law Review, 13(1), pp. 25-42. ISSN (print) 1461-4529

Malcolm, Rosalind and Pointing, John (2011) Statutory nuisance: law and practice. Oxford, U.K. : Oxford University Press. 496p. ISBN 9780199564026

Pointing, John (2010) Regulation, certification & consumer protection. In: World Halal Forum Europe : Halal products and services : going mainstream; 10 - 11 Nov 2010, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Pointing, John (2010) Public nuisance re-visited. In: COBRA 2010; 02 - 03 Sep 2010, Paris, France. (Unpublished)

Pointing, John (2010) What is to be done about noise nuisance? In: London Branch of the Institute of Acoustics evening meeting; 16 Jun 2010, London, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Southwood, Mark, Rowland, John, Lockwood, Robert, Horrocks, David, Pointing, John, Longhurst, Phil, Sneath, Robert, Peirson, Steve and Selwyn, Tony (2010) Odour guidance for local authorities. (Other) London, U.K. : Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. 110 p.

Blake, Leslie, Ervo, Laura and Pointing, John (2009) Fair trials as discourse: reforms in Scandinavian procedural law contrasted with reforms in England and Wales. In: Sarcevic, Susan, (ed.) Legal language in action: translation, terminology, drafting and procedural issues. Zagreb, Croatia : Nakladni zavod Globus. pp. 361-376. ISBN 9789531672269

Pointing, John (2009) Food law and the strange case of the missing regulation. Journal of Business Law(6), pp. 592-605. ISSN (print) 0021-9460

Ervo, Laura, Pointing, John and Blake, Leslie (2008) Fair trial as discourse: the new Scandinavian communicative court culture contrasted with the decline of 'orality' in the English legal system. In: Curriculum, language and the law; 18-21 Sep 2008, Dubrovnik, Croatia. (Unpublished)

Pointing, John, Teinaz, Yunes and Shafi, Shuja (2008) Illegal labelling and sales of Halal meat and food products. Journal of criminal law, 72(3), pp. 206-213. ISSN (print) 0022-0183

Blake, Leslie, Pointing, John and Sinnamon, Tim (2007) Over-regulation and suing the state for negligent legislation. Statute Law Review, 28(3), pp. 218-234. ISSN (print) 0144-3593

Pointing, John and Malcolm, Rosalind (2006) Statutory nuisance: the sanitary paradigm and judicial conservatism. Journal of Environmental Law, 18(1), pp. 37-54. ISSN (online) 1464-374X

Malcom, Rosalind and Pointing, John (2005) Food law EU v UK? New Law Journal, 155(7184), pp. 1034-1035. ISSN (print) 0306-6479

Pointing, John (2005) Criminal procedure. Estates Gazette(525), pp. 188-189. ISSN (print) 0014-1240

Pointing, John (2005) Crime and punishment. Estates Gazette(521), pp. 134-135. ISSN (print) 0014-1240

Pointing, John (2005) Food crime and food safety: trading in bushmeat-is new legislation needed? Journal of Criminal Law, 69(1), pp. 42-49. ISSN (print) 0022-0183

Pointing, John, Malcolm, Rosalind, Blake, Leslie and Rush, Neil (2005) Food safety enforcement. London, UK : Chadwick House Publishing. 248p. (The Chadwick House Publishing Series on Food) ISBN 1904306071

Pointing, John and Teinaz, Yunes (2004) Halal meat and food crime in the UK. In: International Seminar on Halal; 27 - 28 Sep 2004, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Pointing, John (2004) The bushmeat trade. New Law Journal, 154(7139), pp. 1192-1194. ISSN (print) 0306-6479

Pointing, John (2003) Survey the facts of each case. Estates Gazette(350), pp. 88-89. ISSN (print) 0014-1240

Pointing, John (2002) RIPA, noise and local authorities. Solicitors Journal, 146(3), pp. 66-67. ISSN (print) 0038-1047

Pointing, John and Malcolm, Rosalind (2002) Statutory nuisance: law and practice. Oxford, UK : Oxford University Press. 433p. ISBN 0199242461

Pointing, John (2000) Case note: Falmouth & Truro Port Health Authority v South-West Water Ltd: have specific works notices finally run their course? Environmental Law and Management, 12(3), pp. 99-103. ISSN (print) 1067-6058

Pointing, John (2000) Problems in statutory nuisance law enforcement. New Law Journal, 150(6926), pp. 340-344. ISSN (print) 0306-6479

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