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Lowe, John J., Bronk Ramsey, Christopher, Housley, Rupert A., Lane, Christine S., Tomlinson, Emma L., RESET TEAM, (Multiple Authors) and Satow, Christopher (2015) The RESET project: constructing a European tephra lattice for refined synchronisation of environmental and archaeological events during the last c. 100 ka. Quaternary Science Reviews, 118, pp. 1-17. ISSN (print) 0277-3791

Satow, C, Tomlinson, E, Grant, K, Albert, P, Smith, V, Manning, C, Ottolini, L, Wulf, S, Rohling, E, Lowe, J, Blockley, S and Menzies, M (2015) A New Contribution to the Late Quaternary Tephrostratigraphy of the Mediterranean; Aegean Sea Core LC21. Quaternary Science Reviews, 117, pp. 96-112. ISSN (print) 0277-3791

Matthews, I, Trincardi, F, Lowe, J, Bourne, A, Macleod, A, Abbott, P, Andersen, N, Asioli, A, Blockley, S, Lane, C, Oh, A, Satow, C, Staff, R and Wulf, S (2015) Developing a robust tephrochronological framework for Late Quaternary marine records in the Southern Adriatic Sea: new data from core station SA03-11. Quaternary Science Reviews, 118, pp. 84-104. ISSN (print) 0277-3791

Wulf, S, Keller, J, Paterne, M, Lauterbach, S, Opitz, S, Sottili, G, Giaccio, B, Albert, P, Satow, C, Tomlinson, E, Viccaro, M and Brauer, A (2014) The 100–133 ka record of Italian explosive volcanism and revised tephrochronology of Lago Grande di Monticchio. Quaternary Science Reviews, 58, pp. 104-123. ISSN (print) 0277-3791

Lowe, John, Barton, Nick, Blockley, Simon, Bronk Ramsey, Christopher, Cullen, Victoria L., Davies, William, Gamble, Clive, Grant, Katharine, Hardiman, Mark, Housley, Rupert, Lane, Christine S., Lee, Sharen, Lewis, Mark, MacLeod, Alison, Menzies, Martin, Muller, Wolfgang, Pollard, Mark, Price, Catherine, Roberts, Andrew P., Rohling, Eelco J., Satow, Chris, Smith, Victoria C., Stringer, Chris B., Tomlinson, Emma L., White, Dustin, Albert, Paul, Arienzo, Ilenia, Barker, Graeme, Boric, Dusan, Carandente, Antonio, Civetta, Lucia, Ferrier, Catherine, Guadelli, Jean-Luc, Karkanas, Panagiotis, Koumouzelis, Margarita, Muller, Ulrich C., Orsi, Giovanni, Pross, Jorg, Rosi, Mauro, Shalamanov-Korobar, Ljiljiana, Sirakov, Nikolay and Tzedakis, Polychronis C. (2012) Volcanic ash layers illuminate the resilience of Neanderthals and early modern humans to natural hazards. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 109(34), pp. 13532-13537. ISSN (print) 0027-8424

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