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de Barros, Carla Ennes, Nardi, Lauro V.S., Dillenburg, Sergio R., Ayup, Ricardo, Jarvis, Kym and Baitelli, Ricardo (2010) Detrital minerals of modern beach sediments in Southern Brazil: a provenance study based on the chemistry of zircon. Journal of Coastal Research, 26(1), pp. 80-93. ISSN (print) 0749-0208

Pearson, Charlotte L., Manning, Sturt W., Coleman, Max and Jarvis, Kym (2006) A dendrochemical study of Pinus sylvestris from Siljansfors Experimental Forest, central Sweden. Applied Geochemistry, 21(10), pp. 1681-1691. ISSN (print) 0883-2927

Pearson, C., Manning, S.W., Coleman, M. and Jarvis, Kym (2005) Can tree-ring chemistry reveal absolute dates for past volcanic eruptions? Journal of Archaeological Science, 32(8), pp. 1265-1274. ISSN (print) 0305-4403

Insoll, Timothy, Polya, David A., Bhan, Kuldeep, Irving, Duncan and Jarvis, Kym (2004) Towards an understanding of the carnelian bead trade from Western India to sub-Saharan Africa: the application of UV-LA-ICP-MS to carnelian from Gujarat, India, and West Africa. Journal of Archaeological Science, 31(8), pp. 1161-1173. ISSN (print) 0305-4403

Hasebe, Noriko, Barbarand, Jocelyn, Jarvis, Kym, Carter, Andrew and Hurford, Anthony J. (2004) Apatite fission-track chronometry using laser ablation ICP-MS. Chemical Geology, 207(3-4), pp. 135-145. ISSN (print) 0009-2541

Harrison, Roy M., Tilling, Rob, Callen Romero, Maria S., Harrad, Stuart and Jarvis, Kym (2003) A study of trace metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the roadside environment. Atmospheric Environment, 37(17), pp. 2391-2402. ISSN (print) 1352-2310

Jarvis, Kym, Parry, Susan J. and Piper, Jacqui M. (2001) Temporal and spatial studies of autocatalyst-derived platinum, rhodium, and palladium and selected vehicle-derived trace elements in the environment. Environmental Science & Technology (including News & Research Notes), 35(6), pp. 1031-1036. ISSN (print) 0013-936X

Fan, W.M., Zhang, H.F., Baker, J., Jarvis, K., Mason, P.R.D. and Menzies, M.A. (2000) On and off the North China Craton: Where is the Archaean keel? Journal of Petrology, 41(7), pp. 933-950. ISSN (print) 0022-3530

Craig, Carol-Ann, Jarvis, Kym E. and Clarke, Leon J. (2000) An assessment of calibration strategies for the quantitative and semi-quantitative analysis of calcium carbonate matrices by laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS). Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 15(8), pp. 1001-1008. ISSN (print) 0267-9477

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