The ADSL technology and the management of broadband access networks

Maniadakis, Dimitrios and Panaousis, Emmanouil (2006) The ADSL technology and the management of broadband access networks. (Other thesis), National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, .


In this thesis we study the broadband access networks, the ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) and its management. In chapter 1, we discuss some critical concepts within the realm the broadband paradigm and we summarize the main technologies of broadband access. In chapters 2 and 3, we study the infrastructure and the operation of the ADSL technology. We additionally discuss architectures and coding schemes. In chapter 4 we describe the management of ADSL while in chapter 5 we present the growth and the deployment of ADSL in Greece using real data, which are retrieved during our collaboration with the main Greek telecommunications (telco) operator OTE. Furthermore, we describe existing ADSL infrastructures of other telco providers. We focus on the management plans of OTE and to this end a series of tables and maps are provided to highlight the findings of our research. We conclude this thesis by studying and comparing upcoming technologies, which have inherited main elements from the ADSL technology. We finally illustrate some business cases towards the establishment of the aforementioned technologies.

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