Serial logic

Gough, Tim (2009) Serial logic. In: Serial(ity); 18 Mar 2009, Edinburgh, U.K..


For Deleuze, the exemplary novelist (Joyce, Proust, Robbe-Grillet�) disposes within original difference two heterogeneous series of signifier and signified (Sixth Series on Serialization ). These two series resonate through a single homogenous series of names where each term can be seen to relate to the preceding one and the next one, thus: n1? n2? n3? n4?�. The first name, or signifier, relates to the second name/signifier, relates to the third etc in the familiar continuous chain of signifiers. It is the novelist�s task to consider this homogenous chain from the point of view of �that which alternates in this succession� � ie the alternation of signified and signifier through the terms - and to allow these to resonate. In what way is the architect a novelist, and in what way is exemplary architecture disposed according to this strategy of primary difference, homogenous chain of signifiers and the creative diagnosis of two resonating, heterogeneous series?

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