Polarized absorption of quaterthiophene single crystals

Tavazzi, S., Borghesi, A., Laicini, M. and Spearman, P. (2004) Polarized absorption of quaterthiophene single crystals. The Journal of Chemical Physics, 121(17), pp. 8542-8546. ISSN (print) 0021-9606


Polarized optical spectra of quaterthiophene single crystals are reported over a wide spectral range for different planes and angles of incidence corresponding to either transverse or mixed longitudinal/transverse wave propagation. From the absorbance and reflectance spectra the corresponding absorption coefficients are deduced. In the region of the first molecular transition, polarized exciton states of Frenkel origin are found to be responsible for a strong optical anisotropy and for the modification of the state of polarization during light propagation in the crystal. Transmission measurements with crossed polarizer and analyzer allow to clearly identify Frenkel replica of the principal transition.

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