Morphological-edge detection approach for the human iris segmentation

Ahmadi, Neda (2019) Morphological-edge detection approach for the human iris segmentation. Journal of Soft Computing and Decision Support Systems, 6(4), pp. 15-19. ISSN (online) 2289-8603


In the new millennium, technology has become more interesting issues and it has salient progress. Therefore, iris recognition systems attract many attention not only because of its huge applications such as security but also due to its importance in our today’s life. Even though, a number of researches have been done in this field; due to the large number of demands from every places like banks, airports, hospitals, market places and so on, it deserves more considerations. In this paper, a new segmentation method is performed in order to segment an exact part of the eyes e.g. iris area. Then, for extracting the top and bottom texture, calculating the texture images, local entropy of grayscale image is utilized. After that, Otsu’s method is applied for globalizing image threshold. Finally, Haar wavelet transform is applied for feature extraction step. We use CASIA-Iris V3 database for our experimental results.

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