Edge town / Che Fang

Williams, Austin (2023) Edge town / Che Fang. In: Zaman, Quazi Mahtab and Hall, Greg G., (eds.) Border urbanism : transdisciplinary perspectives. Cham, Switzerland : SpringerLink. pp. 477-485. (The Urban Book Series) ISBN 9783031066030


Economic development and accompanying urbanisation and social changes are occurring at an astounding pace in China. On the fringes of Suzhou and Jiangsu Province, these changes have created borders of differential growth patterns within the province that have had a significant social impact. For example, an urban housing redevelopment project was suddenly halted in one town close to Suzhou's industrialised area. Abrupt termination of the local authority’s development work resulted in the community’s division into three distinct areas—an edge town of Che Fang. Some residents whose homes had been demolished were given new houses. Others whose homes had been demolished were not offered replacement housing. At the same time, other residents who were scheduled to receive new and better housing were left isolated in their existing poor-quality homes. Interviews with a range of people living on the edge of this urban development provide insights into their experiences, their observations, and their thoughts about the future in the edge town condition of Che Fang.

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