Ewers, Tim [Composer] (2004) Flautando. (flute with piano accompaniment). (Unpublished)


The aim of this piece was to explore differences between the natural overtone series and the even tempered scale. A further aim was to incorporate some melodic elements derived from music for the xiao, a Chinese flute that is able to inflect and shape melodic lines through the use of glissandi and pitch bending achieved through both fingering techniques and variation in breath pressure. I was introduced to the xiao when fulfilling a commission to write for an ensemble of Chinese instruments (Seeking Illustrious Virtue, 2000). In writing this piece, I constructed pitch sets and modes that imitate the proportions of the natural overtone series and use them both harmonically and melodically throughout. For much of the piece, a fundamental pitch is sustained as a drone allowing the pianist to undertake some exploration of natural harmonics of the same pitch (playing inside the piano). Through pitch bending and use of some quarter tone fingerings, the flute is also able to explore timbral variation between harmonic and natural fingerings.

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