The Cube, at scale

Suess, Eleanor [Artist] (2021) The Cube, at scale. .


This first iteration of this installation was a response to the physical artefact of the ASC Cube Gallery, interpreting it as a 1:1 model sitting within the Art House double-height break out space. Its status as both art object and work of architecture is then echoed in the response, and the works housed within it can be similarly considered to be an art/architecture hybrid. Exhibited in each of the Cube’s four vitrine windows is a different type and scale of architectural model reconstruction of the Cube Gallery itself. Relocated to Peckham to the Cube’s sister space, the 4m2 pavilion, the models still resembled the different structure in which they were now placed, but were clearly not the same. This distanced the work being displayed from its architectural housing, the full-sized artefact no longer being brought into the work in the way it had in Croydon. Over the course of the exhibition in Peckham, the cladding of the pavilion changed as towards the end of the run the structure was being updated for the next artists’ work.

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