Sculpture of uncertainties

Fatehrad, Azadeh (2021) Sculpture of uncertainties. In: Arts Cabinet, (ed.) Migration. London, U.K. : Arts Cabinet. pp. 36-44. ISBN 9781399911214


Sculpture of Uncertainties is a commissioned piece referring to a mix of concepts, definitions and terms that emerged from the Editorial on Migration. It is a curatorial reflection on 60 submissions including essays, palimpsests, glossaries and inquiries from 16 contributors on the topic of migration. The Sculpture of Uncertainties has gathered the main keywords from these submissions and, through a series of curatorial decisions, selected 19 keywords out of a possible 46 that could be used to strongly reflect on the overarching nature of migration (i.e. knowing/unknowing, defining/non­defining). The permanency of doing/undoing is evident here. By engaging in this, a metaphorical sculpture is created that articulates the landscape of artistic research in this context but simultaneously keeps it open and in progress. Migration is an E-Publication by Arts Cabinet, London. Artistic research, experimentation and creative writing in contemporary art are central to the concerns of Arts Cabinet

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