Globally connected, locally responsible Viseras

Charny, Daniel [Curator] and Garcia, César [Collaborator] (2021) Globally connected, locally responsible Viseras. (Face-shield headband). Headbands 240x 240 mm wide and 20 - 50mm high - Screen 300-350 mm high.


Designing in a Pandemic is about responding to immediate need. This is exactly what the group now known and the CoronavirusMakers in Spain did. In doing it so quickly they contributed to a global design fit for local fabrication of much needed safety equipment that formal institutes were failing to supply in time. This happened in early March 2020 when an accelerated build up of the community through social media led to immediate prototyping of co-designed iterations involving nurses and doctors, designers, makers, producers and communicators. Designing at its best is a response to real needs through an iterative and inclusive process. The conversation started on Telegram social media and picked up momentum to accelerate the community into action. One of these strands was around the design, improvement and production of face shields. Derived from an open source digital file, most likely by HanochH and parallel to other open source files being released around the world. Gianluca Pugliese, a maker and teacher in Madrid specialising in digital fabrication and sustainable materials was one of the early adaptors collaborating as the CoronavirusMakers network along side César Garcia to get things done and share information in the best way as fast as possible. In the process they prototyped what open source distributed design could do better than the systems that were failing to respond to the needs for essential equipment. In effect mass producing in small quantities across multiple locations, near the places where the products were needed. Circumnavigating distant manufacturing, assembly, storage and shipping. They also inspired local industry. PoliSur, a company specialising in injection moulding of fruit packaging based in Andalucia, joined their efforts and converted one of their production lines to make low cost face protection kits. Could this be one of the characteristics of future of designing and making? Will maker spaces, such as the one near here, Makerspacemadrid, play a bigger role in our cities everywhere? The invitation to participate in Extraperlo 2020 was an opportunity to collaborate with César Garcia, Co-founder at Makespace Madrid, Digital Fabrication researcher, known for his podcasts at La Hora Maker, who found himself in a corralling role during the accelerated response of the makers in Spain to the Pandemic. Face-shield headband 1 and 2 are 3D printed in PLA - Face-shield head band 3 is injection moulded Polypropylene - Screens from Polyethylene - Rubber bands.

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