Resilience of integrated urban water systems

Behzadian, Kourosh, Mousavi, S. Jamshid, Kapelan, Zoran and Alani, Amir (2018) Resilience of integrated urban water systems. In: 5th Water Efficiency Conference 2018; 05-07 Sep 2018, Aveiro, Portugal.


Strengthening the resilience of integrated urban water systems (UWS) comprised of water supply and sewer systems against floods and water shortages can be a challenging task. In this paper, a new set of resilience performance indicators is introduced for concurrent assessment of both failure conditions of water shortage and floods in the UWS. A number of potential intervention strategies such as rainwater harvesting (RWH) and greywater recycling (GWR) schemes for enhancement of UWS resilience are evaluated through a conceptual model of urban water metabolism assessment. Modelling of main UWS components is conducted using the WaterMet2 to simulate the performance of intervention strategies in UWS through urban water metabolism. WaterMet2 calculates key performance indicators of urban water metabolisms over a long-term planning horizon that can be used to calculate various resilience performance indicators. The demonstration of the suggested approach on a real-world case study reveals how different elements of resilience performance can be improved in the UWS by specific strategies against failure events such as flood and water shortage conditions.

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