Reflections on the design ecosystem model

Monteiro, Rui, Giesteira, Bruno, Boddington, Anne and Farinha, Cristina (2021) Reflections on the design ecosystem model. In: Raposo, D. , Neves, J. and Silva, J., (eds.) Perspectives on Design II : research, education and practice. Chambersburg, PA, USA : Springer Cham. pp. 187-201. (Springer Series in Design and Innovation, (16)) ISBN 9783030798789


This paper aims to undertake a closer examination of the design ecosystem model, considering it has recently emerged to justify and support the implementation of design policies within the systems failure theory. It does so by identifying and analyzing diverse perspectives and some of the gaps in the literature, and to propose adaptations in the model by looking at design capabilities as its substance, and as well to identify avenues for further research.

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