Investigating recursive point Voronoi diagrams

Boots, Barry, Feick, Robert, Shiode, Narushige and Roberts, Steven (2002) Investigating recursive point Voronoi diagrams. In: 2nd International Conference on Geographic Information Science, (GIScience 2002); 25 - 28 Sep 2002, Boulder, U.S..


Recursive Voronoi diagrams (RVDs) use Voronoi concepts to tessellate a space with respect to a given set of generators and repeat the construction every time with a new generator set consisting of objects selected from the previous generator set plus features of the current tessellation. In this paper, we investigate the behaviour of three variants of a single recursive Voronoi construction involving point generators. We describe how these structures may be constructed in Arc/Info. Although we suggest that RVDs have a number of potential uses in GIS, we focus on a spatial modelling perspective and examine some of their statistical characteristics. The RVDs examined are found to be fractal in nature.

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