The realpedagogik : linking learning design research with learning design practice

Ljubojevic, Dejan, Paliokosta, Paty, Puni, Amit and Wood, Ruth (2021) The realpedagogik : linking learning design research with learning design practice. In: International Research Conference 2021 : (Re)connecting, (Re)building : Higher Education in Transformative Times; 06 - 10 Dec 2021, Held online.


The ambition behind this paper is twofold. First, we hope to enrich the discourse around HE education research with the new conceptualisation we term ‘realpedagogik’, that speaks to the locus of the encounter between the intended (models, policies, recommendations, guidelines, standards etc.) and the actualised. Second, we present the draft solution to resolve the tension in one such locality - Learning Design research translation inside Learning Design practice.Recognising the limitations of LD research to effect transformational impact on practice, we set out to revisit some of the core assumptions of LD approach in the conceptualisations of teachers as designers. Over 2 years 2 HE teaching practitioners were studied with implementing LD approach in their teaching; the findings from this initial informal study are paving the way for future research work to reframe the problem and to develop productive solutions that will deliver on the transformational promise of LD.

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